At $2,250, I never understood why arcade machines cost so much!  Made from an old Midway cabinet, a 60 Gb Xbox 360 is refitted inside as well as a new non HD monitor. If you prefer a typical arcade game, you should also read our review of the Polycade (is every arcade game in one cabinet). I scoff at fools that play 360s in standard definition, and don’t know why anyone would want to play games on this.  For one, the buttons are configured for fighting games, and there is no analog controls to speak of.  At any rate, it’s only available for local pick up in Ohio provided you have a Drew Carey sized bank account.  Sorry, I couldn’t think of a “Price is Right” joke to fit in there.


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  1. Hey, I think you got the right idea bro looks fantastic, all I could say to improve it is perhaps swap out the monitor for a HD one.

    Seriously if you make anymore or cdan ship to the UK id be interested for sure!!

  2. Hey! We appreciate the comment no doubt. I agree with “This is not for most people this is for the old school hardcore gamers.”

    It’s funny though that you cite the fact that you’re playing a game from 1995 through a 360! You could have rigged up a Super Nintendo!

    Nonetheless, I’m sure it’s cool for parties and such, and that’s great you have access to all those old cabinets.

    Thanks again for the comment, and email me if you have any news!

    Though many people may have disagreed with my opinion, it’s still press!

    Have a good one,


  3. Hey guys
    We value all your opinions good and bad. Keep in mind this was built for fun not practacality. I sit on the couch and play my 360 on my 60” HD flat screen as well. But when I have some friends over we are all over this arcade machine. In 4 years the girlfriend didn’t play my 360 This gets built and she play MK3 with all us for 2 hours on the first day. It’s not about the money that’s not why it was built the price is just the asking price. This was made to give the feeling that you were at the arcade not sitting on your couch. If you want the sitting on you couch experience then just keep on doing what your doing there’s nothing wrong with that.
    This is not for most people this is for the old school hardcore gamers.

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