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When it comes to finding the best radar detector, the Whistler Xtr 145 may be the perfect tool to have while out on the road. It can detect signals from a wide spectrum of bands including X, and K bands, so you can best be prepared for any traffic cameras and radar guns.

Why We Like It – Whistler XTR 145

The Whistler XRT 145 laser radar detector is a useful device that will keep you updated on any potential radar signals from police that are trying to catch you speeding. The key features on this device will not only keep you notified but will also hide your signal from anyone trying to intercept it. After investing in this device speed cameras may become a problem of the past.

  • Reduces false alerts with alert priority
  • Pop mode detection can find instant radar signals
  • No voice alerts


While you’re out on the road, this device will provide tone alerts for whichever signal you want to know about. If the device detects more than one signal it can prioritize to determine which is most important. You can set it the speed muting to determine a speed you want to be notified on, and mutes the other factors. If you happen to run into a radar gun it is able to identify that signal as well even if it happens quickly. If you would like to see what else Whistler offers, you may be interested in the Whistler xtr 65.


The XRT 145 provides a long distance field of view and provides total band protection. Even in short range radar, you will also be covered thanks to the POP mode detection. If you prefer your Whistler to cover an extensive amount of the area around you, another great choice to go with may be the Whistler cr93.


The plastic material on this device will hold up to some minor bumps and bruises, but if you want to have total protection in mind you can invest in an insurance plan with your retailer. Make sure to set up the window bracket securely to avoid any falls while driving.

Ease of Use

To notify you of any signals, this device has tone alerts to tell you about any radars you are approaching. If you would rather have voice alerts to keep your eyes on the road, a better choice for you may be the Whistler cr85. When you are tired of being notified, you can push on the quiet button to silence the device. You can configure between the 3 city modes and the highway mode with the City button and other concerns can be configured with the menu button option. The volume wheel on the side of the device serves as the way to raise or lower volume and doubles as a power button.


If you think that this device is not worth the price, you may want to take a look at the average price of a speeding ticket in your city. By keeping yourself more informed while out on the road, you may potentially save yourself from having to interact with police over speeding. This is a way to drive smarter and calmer because you will be more in control of the environment around you and be less prone to get caught speeding.

Whistler XTR 145 Wrap Up

While the Whistler XRT 145 device may be slightly more than other models, it will pay itself off by saving you from any big traffic tickets. With 360 degrees protection, you can read from a plethora of bands and find out which signal you must watch out for. While it could’ve used some voice alert to keep our eyes on the road, at least it still provides tone alerts so we know just when it’s picked up an important signal.

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