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If you are looking for the best whistler radar detector, but you want it at a budget price, the Whistler xtr 135 might be the right product for you since it is one of the best radar detectors. With this laser radar detector by your side, your days of getting caught between speed cameras and getting fat tickets in the mail may be over.

Why We Like It – Whistler XTR 135

If you aren’t so sure you are ready to dabble in reading some radar around you, this might be the ideal device to dip your toe in the water. Even at its budget price, the Whistler xtr 135 still provides great features so that you can stay on top of every radar near you. You can set it to the quiet mode when you’re not as interested in reading the radars, and it will always be powered up long as you keep it connected to your car charger port.

  • It has VG-2 cloaking so it’s hidden
  • You can set it to different city or highway modes
  • No voice alerts so you may have to keep your eyes on it at times


These laser radar detectors use an icon display to tell you what to look out for. This may require some extensive diving into the user manual to see what an icon means. There are no voice alerts included in this mode, so if that is an essential feature for you, you may want to check out the Whistler cr85. While you’re out on the road you will be notified of any traffic issues with the safety warning system up until you decide to mute it through quiet mode.


This model is able to read out bands the K, Ka, X, H, and C spectrum. Customers have reported that this simple model won’t have quite as long a reach as more expensive models. If you want the absolute best chance to catch any radar guns and traffic camera while out on the road, you might be better off investing a little more money into something like the Whistler cr93.You may also want to try the Whistler CR73.


This model is made from plastic so it is durable as long as it doesn’t take on significant damage. To properly secure it into your vehicle it does include a mount that you can use on your dashboard or windshield.

Ease of Use

This model uses an illuminated icon display to communicate information on the radars you are nearby. It will let you know which bands the device is currently searching for. Customers recommend searching on single radar band types to lessen the chance of false alerts. When the fun is done and you don’t want to hear more about the nearest traffic cam, you can set it on speed muting to silence it. If these key features do not suffice, another option to consider may be the Whistler cr68.


Not only is this one of the less expensive options available to try out laser radar detection, but right now you can also take advantage of free shipping as well. This can make an excellent gift for a loved one or yourself, and you will see the benefits come to fruition as you stay on top of radars around you and receive fewer speeding tickets as a result. The more you are in the know, the less you are likely to have to interact with police, which will always be a win.

Whistler xtr 135 Wrap Up

The Whistler xtr 135 is an excellent device for anyone that hasn’t tried out a laser radar detector because you get to try out the benefits for an affordable price. While it would have been more helpful to have a voice feature on this device, it will still notify you of any traffic concerns or camera close to you and bridge the gap towards a safer driving experience.

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