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There are many choices when it comes to finding the best whistler radar detector, and if you happened to go with the Whistler CR88 you wouldn’t have made the worst purchase in the world. This little device here provides laser radar detection with a high field of view and can help you distinguish false alerts to pay more attention to signals from radar guns and traffic cameras.it is also one of the best radar detectors available in the market right now.

Why We Like It – Whistler CR88

The Whistler CR88 can save you time and money by helping you stay on top of any traffic cameras or radars that are around you. It can detect a plethora of bands, and you can distinguish between which ones are most important. It has bilingual voice alerts so you or a loved one can use this device in a language you prefer.

  • POP mode detection can pick up on any fast acting radar
  • Traffic Flow Signal Rejection increases the trajectory of the device
  • Customers claimed it picked up too many signals making it hard to distinguish


After connecting the power cord from the device to the car’s electricity port, you are well bound to detect lasers at a whole 360 degree angle. This device detects radar guns from the x band, back band, to the k band frequency. Once it has detected a radar signal, it informs you via voice alerts so you can keep your eyes on the road. It can provide a precise reading of the radar because it uses Traffic Flow Signal Rejector to eliminate unnecessary signals. If you would like to see other radar detector devices, feel free to check out the Escort ZR5.


You can pick up radar from a wide range distance due to the High Gain Lens. If you want your next Whistler to include a high gain lens, another model you may want to take a look at is the Whistler cr93.


This model is made from plastic, so it will survive a fall as long as it is not an extreme drop. You can also go a step further and ask your retailer if you can add a protection plan and learn about your warranty.

Ease of Use

To operate the key features on this Whistler device is not hard; all you really need to learn is what button does what command. There is a button that toggles the dark mode which helps you not feel so flustered by the bright light it emits. There is a menu button to configure settings. There is a quiet mode/speed muting button that you can use when you are tired of hearing about the nearest speed cameras. If you want to switch between city and highway mode you must press the city button to set it up. There is a volume wheel on the side which you use to raise or lower volume. It does not need batteries, and you simply have to connect the port to your car and you’re all set to use it.


This device is slightly more expensive than other Whistler models, this may be in part to the voice alert functions that differ from other models. Having voice alerts will definitely be useful because having eyes off the road can be costly sometimes. Nonetheless, this device will distinguish between the many radars it picks up on, so you can be precise in knowing where there is potential law enforcement waiting to give away some tickets. If you are not satisfied with this device at this point, it may be time to check out some other devices like the Whistler xtr 135.

Whistler cr88 Wrap Up

Nobody likes to deal with cops and nobody wants speed tickets, so it seems that making the investment on the Whistler cr88 will only bring good things for you. As this laser radar detector keeps you on top of the nearest traffic cameras and radar guns via bilingual English and Spanish voice alerts, you can drive with a calmer state of mind knowing when to slow it down.

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