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If you want to find the best radar detector, the Whistler cr73 provides a sufficient amount of features to keep you in the know when it comes to radar guns and speed cameras. This particular device gives you total laser detection on a 360 degree scale and can distinguish between which signals are closer to provide the best results.

Why We Like It – Whistler CR73

There are many ways to stay safe while out on the road. Investing in radar laser detection with the Whistler CR73 is one of the best ways to stay updated on what’s coming up next whether it be an unsuspecting radar gun, or a traffic camera up ahead. This is a powerful machine that can even give you an alert priority to ensure that you know about the most important signals first.

  • Bilingual real voice alerts keep your eyes on the road
  • Traffic flow signal rejection reduces false alerts
  • Some customers claimed that it detected too many signals and was overwhelmed


This laser radar detector provides information on the K, KA, X, V, and L bands. This high performance device is capable of Traffic Flow Signal Rejection so while out on the road it won’t go off for every signal it encounters to keep your results accurate. When it reads signals, it is also able to determine the signal strength to build a priority list for you. If you would like to try another radar detector, the K40 Defuser Optix is also another option.


This device is capable of providing a long range of coverage to keep you in the know. Aside from long range, short range bursts of radar will also be detected through the POP mode. If you need your next detector to have just the basics, you may want to take a look at the Whistler xtr 135.


This device is made from plastic, so a little drop here and there won’t mean it’s the end. If you tend to be the clumsy type, you can always opt in for a protection plan if your retailer offers it. It includes a window mount so you can securely have this setup while driving.

Ease of Use

The Whistler device is fairly easy to use. No touchscreen set up to confuse anyone here because there is a classic button design. There is a button to toggle on the dark mode when the screen is a little too bright for you. When this device gets annoying and you don’t want to hear it anymore, simply push the quiet button. Other options include a city button to set it for city or highway mode and a menu option. If you need to adjust the volume, there is a wheel on the side. If you would like to find a similar design, you may also want to check out the Whistler cr93.


The Whistler CR73 laser radar detector will save you a boatload of money by keeping you informed on any radars and safety warning information while out of the road. Thanks to the field disturbance sensor rejection FDSR, the detector will be accurate rather than giving you a plethora of useless information. It will keep your eyes on the road and provide a safer experience through bilingual English and Spanish real voice alerts. Investing in this device will keep you on top of any K band, X band, and more around you which may lead to calmer drives with less police interaction.

Whistler CR73 Wrap Up

The key features on the Whistler CR73 device will bring you a better driving experience by keeping you informed about any potential speeding cameras or radar guns with precise accuracy. By having this device installed onto your vehicle, not only will you stay on top of radar guns but any safety hazard coming up on the road. Take control of the road, and give yourself peace of mind while you drive.

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