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The Whistler CR70 with Real Voice Alerts is designed to help eliminate false alarms from radar based traffic sensors and, of course, alert you of any oncoming dangers. It;s price and exceptional build quality aren’t too shabby either. To learn more about radar detectors, check out our best radar detector list! And for other useful vehicle devices you may need, check out our popular car accessories list.

Why We Like It – Whistler CR70

The Whistler CR70 may be a David trying to overcome a Goliath when going up against more popular brands, but it does come swinging and insists it will not go down without a fight. The good thing, it does have a few features that many of the Goliath brands should take note of. You may also be interested in how GM adds remote kill switch to OnStar vehicles.

  • High performance Traffic Flow Signal Rejection
  • Highest level of build quality
  • Total Laser Detection System is nifty
  • Still sometimes going to get false alerts
  • Can be a little overwhelming for newbies


The CR70 Radar Detector’s built-in false alerts filtering, called the Traffic Flow Signal, is high performance and works well enough, but you’re always going to get false signals once in a while. The Whistler CR70 is a k band, x band, and ka band radar detector and the Total Laser Detection system also detects Laser Atlanta stealth mode which is pretty cool. The Whistler CR70 Laser Radar also has the VG-1 mode for detection radar detector detectors. If you’re adamant about having the best radar detectors from a known brand then consider the Escort Max360 Radar Detector.

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The build quality of the CR70 Laser Radar Detector is some of the best in the laser detection market. The CR70, along with the Whistler CR85 and CR90, are the only products that come with an OLED display. The Escort iX Long Range Radar Detector also comes with a beautiful screen if that’s what you’re into. The signal strength is located on the display and begins beeping faster the closer you are to a radar signal, so it’s important to stay alert.

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The Whistler CR70 Radar Detector includes three city modes, and one of those is highway mode. It also features POP mode detection which can respond to brief bursts of radar, such as from a police radar. The included power cord is 12V with a USB and the Total Laser Detection system, as mentioned above, is a cool feature to have that many well-known manufacturers, such as the Uniden R3, don’t have. It’s nice to see a smaller company have somewhat of an edge sometimes.

Whistler CR70 Wrap Up

It’s incredible how Whistler was able to get the high-quality build they have and then price their machine at only $64.00. It makes you think about what other companies are doing with their prices. It’s a good device to get you started if you’re a newbie, mainly because of the price, but many of its advanced features may leave you slightly confused.

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