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If you’re not into having the best of the best and simply want a device that will keep you informed with essential knowledge on the road ahead, the whistler cr68 device may be one of the best radar detectors for you. This device from our list of the best whistler radar detector, although much less expensive, can still provide you with a long range detector from most of today’s radar guns.

Why We Like It – Whistler CR68

If you don’t need the fanciest gear, the Whistler cr68 provides the bare bones of what is a useful laser radar detector that will help you steer away from trouble while driving to your destinations. This device has total laser detection, so it will manage to find the newest radar technology and keep you informed as you reach it.

  • Pop mode helps you when an instant radar is used
  • Extremely affordable
  • No voice alerts


This device provides 360 degree protection, so whether the radar is coming from the front, back or sides, this monitor will detect them for you to best prepare yourself. Since this is a less expensive model, it notifies through tone alerts rather than voice, but if you would rather invest in something that will keep your eyes on the road you may want to look into the Whistler CR88. The whistler device also uses a feature known as detection traffic flow signal rejection to reduce the number of false alerts and field disturbances to improve signal strength for the important radars.


Even though this is the cheaper model among the others, it still provides the users with a high gain lens that reads radars from a longer distance. You can adjust whether you want to focus on x bands, ka bands, or others to control the range of alerts you receive.


This high performance Whistler device is made from plastic, so you want to be wary about not trying to stress test it. You can always go one step further and apply a protection plan to extend the life of your investment, but at such a low price it may not be worth it to invest more in this product.

Ease of Use

The key features on these radar detectors can be adjusted by pressing the button pertaining to the function you are trying to accomplish. There is a button to set it into the dark mode, just in case you don’t like staring into a bright light. There is a quiet button located on the top of the device which toggles the speed muting wherever you are tired of hearing the notifications from the device. The city button lets you change up from city to highway mode to precisely read radars better according to your driving at that moment. If you would like to check out other Whistler products, another great product you may want to check out is the Whistler cr85.


The CR68 laser device is worth the investment because speed cameras will no longer be a problem. This particular model also uses a power cord so you don’t have to worry about using up any batteries of yours. With features like the safety warning, you will be on top of any road hazards on your route. The high performance icon display will accurately inform you about any upcoming radars on the road, while it will not provide voice alerts and will simply use tone alerts. If you would rather invest some more into your next Whistler device, another device to look out for is the whistler xtr 135.

Whistler CR68 Wrap Up

While this may be the budget model of the wide range of Whistler devices, this detector still packs a punch by providing field disturbance sensor rejection which will eliminate all the unnecessary radars to focus on the important ones. While it could have used some voice function to keep your eyes on the road, this device will still steer you away from getting caught up while speeding.

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