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The Whistler CR65 earned its place as one of the best radar detectors that provides customers with multiple features that can save a lot of money going to speeding tickets. At an affordable price, this device can provide total laser detection on a 360 degrees scale, so you won’t get caught slipping between radar guns or traffic cameras ever again.

Why We Like It – Whistler CR65

The Whistler CR65 is capable of saving you tons of money from speeding tickets. It will alert you on any nearby radar gun or traffic camera coming up on your drive, and in doing so gives you the best chance to adjust your speed at the right time. This radar detector will distinguish between the multiple signals coming towards you like traffic flow sensors to ensure that it does not produce false alarms.

  • Dark mode will lessen the strain on your eyes at night
  • Pop mode detection is good for the quick bursts from the police’s radar guns
  • No voice alerts


To install this detector on your vehicle, you will need to properly adjust it on the included mounting bracket and plug it into the nearest 12V DC power outlet in your vehicle. Once the power cord is plugged in and ready to use, there is a digital display that will regularly flash LED lights when it encounters a certain radar nearby. The radar guns on the X Band, K Band, Ka Band, and any laser will be detected by this product.


With the high gain lens this product has an expanded field of view which will let you be most prepared for any oncoming radars. Even if it just so happens to be short bursts of radar, the POP mode will ensure to notify of that signal. If you want to find more Whistler products with these features, another model to look out for is the Whistler Pro 3700.


With the plastic design on the CR65 Whistler, you can expect this model to survive a couple of falls and still work just fine. You can add a protection plan if you tend to be the clumsy type or just tend to want the most out of your investments. If you want to invest a little more in your laser radar detectors to get more features, another model that you may be interested in is the Whistler cr93.

Ease of Use

The CR65 laser radar detector has a simple button design; even the more technologically challenged people will get the hang of it after some time because it has limited commands. It may even be worth flipping through the manual when you get stuck on any function. The most you have to worry about is figuring out what each button does. One of the key features you can control is “dark”, which enables the dark mode and lets you read it better at night. There is also a quiet mode for the moments when it has informed you enough for the night. The city button helps you distinguish when in city mode or highway mode and there is also a general menu button. The volume knob also serves as the power on/off switch. When you want to customize it more to your preference, there is also speed muting which lets you silence other speed alerts leaving the one you opt-in for.


While this model may be the starter to this extensive collection, Whistler already ensured that their most bare bones product would provide a surplus of tools for its users. This high performance device will pick up on most radar laser signals, and will even distinguish which ones are most important in order to prevent any false alerts. If you would like to find more of Whistler’s best budget models, another device to look out for is the Whistler Xtr 135. With this device, you will be ready for speed cameras and safety warnings way before, which will be a huge advantage in preparing to moderate your speed and drive with more peace of mind.

Whistler CR65 Wrap Up

With signal strength that covers at a 360 degree angle, the Whistler CR65 radar detector may be one of your most useful tools while out on the road. This is the key to stay alert on the road on a whole new level since you will be on top of a variety of radar guns, and traffic cameras which will save you from any financial hardships down the way.

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