Which Cherry Switches Are Quietest?

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Updated August 5, 2022

Sorting through the options to find your perfect switch and make the best keyboard can be a pain. And one of the most significant points of concern when constructing a mechanical keyboard is how much noise it produces. To help you understand how switch types vary by noise, let’s explore which Cherry switches are the quietest.


  • The linear key switch design has the lowest sound profile because it diminishes the amount of tactile and audio feedback.
  • Cherry MX offers two popular switch types explicitly marketed as “Silent” switches: Cherry MX Silent Red and Black.
  • The silent switches have a rubber pad built into the mechanism that dampens the noise as the key bottoms out.

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Insider Tip

Those working in an open office environment should consider purchasing silent switches for their mechanical keyboard.

Which Cherry MX Switch is the Quietest

Cherry MX is a German-based mechanical switch manufacturer that has set the standard for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts since the development of the MX switch in the 1980s. They strictly focus on mechanical keyboard switches, offering a large variety to satisfy all forms of keyboard use.

One spec that differs from switch to switch is the amount of audible feedback. For example, Cherry MX created clicky switches, which produce a crisp clicking noise whenever a key is pressed. However, Cherry MX has also made the linear switch specifically to diminish audible and tactile feedback.

For those figuring out how to choose a keyboard with the quietest switches possible, we’ll run through Cherry MXs least noisy options. Additionally, for those concerned more with typing experience over sound, we have a guide covering the best mechanical keyboards for typing.

Linear Switches

As stated above, linear switches are the quietest. However, there are multiple key switch options to consider, each offering a slightly different experience. For example, Cherry MX offers two linear switches marketed as “Silent.” These are the Cherry MX Silent Reds/Blacks.

Both silent switches have a rubber pad built into the mechanism that dampens and virtually eliminates any noise. Either key switch type is noiseless; the only difference between them is in the actuation force it takes to register a command.

Black switches require an actuation force of 60cN, while Reds require 45cN. The lower switch force of Red switches means they are more sensitive, which is often better for gaming. On the other hand, typists prefer a higher resistance, making the Black switches a great option.


Cherry has two types of Red switches, the Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Silent Red. Many believe they are the same, but the regular Red switches produce significantly more noise.

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STAT: The rubber pad that Cherry MX puts in their silent switches is claimed to reduce noise by 78%. (source)

Which Cherry Switches Are the Quietest FAQs

Is it possible to make your keyboard quieter?

If mechanical keyboard switches make too much noise, you can lubricate the housing mechanism and springs to dampen the sound.

Which Cherry MX switch is the fastest?

The fastest switch offered by Cherry MX is called the Speed Silver. Silvers are increasingly popular among the gaming community for their smooth and razor-sharp response.

Are silent switches good for gaming?

Gamers often choose silent switches because a lower sound profile makes it easier to experience the in-game audio. Additionally, for streaming purposes, loud switches can be picked up by a hot mic.
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