Where to Store a Vacuum in an Apartment

Figuring out where to store a vacuum in an apartment can be a nightmare. When you’re low on space, finding a place to put bulky cleaning supplies can be a hassle. There are tons of different ideas, however, and probably more storage options than you might think. If you have one of those top-rated vacuum cleaners, you definitely want to store it properly to avoid any damage.


  • Finding storage space in small apartments can feel impossible, but you probably haven’t thought of tons of small spaces.
  • You can invest in storage containers, like wardrobes or bins, to store your vacuum if you lack closet space for it.
  • Stick vacuums are the best choice for small apartments because they allow for decent suction power, and they’re able to be stored away with less hassle.

Where to Store a Vacuum in an Apartment

Knowing where to store a vacuum cleaner in an apartment is just a matter of thinking about your available real estate. No matter what your living space looks like, there is a perfect place for

Storage Ideas for Small Apartments

A few different ideas come to mind when trying to find space for apartment vacuums. There is more unused space than you might think, so it’s just a matter of finding the right fit. Since vacuum cleaners were first invented, they have evolved a lot, so you can always find something to fit in whatever space you have.

Invest in Storage Bins

Some storage bins are made specifically for cleaning supplies. Their price is a small one to pay when you’re able to keep all of your cleaning equipment together.

Use Your Coat Closet

Naturally, a coat closet is a popular place to store away a vacuum cleaner that’s not in use. Some folks only have a coat rack, however, this might not work for you.

Utilizing Under-Bed Space

Bed space is often overlooked. While bulky items might not fit under your bed, you can always invest in bed risers to give you a little more room to work. Talking about under the bed, do you have a dog who goes under the bed while you vacuum? Your dog is probably scared, so you should try finding out why your dog is scared of the vacuum cleaner.


Does a Robotic Vacuum Make Sense for a Small Apartment?

While incredibly convenient, robotic vacuums may not always be what you need. Robotic vacuums may have a more difficult time navigating a tight space, for example. If you have a mostly open floor plan, then it’s a much better option. Otherwise, you may want to invest your money elsewhere.

Where to Store a Vacuum in a Small Apartment?

Several options are out there, even if it feels impossible to find storage in a cramped space. You’ll want to focus on investing in the perfect storage options to add to your home. All different types of storage exist, and with a bit of searching, you’ll find something perfect.

When a Robotic Vacuum Doesn’t Make Sense?

If you live in a cramped space or just one with limited floor space, then you might want to consider a different type of vacuum cleaner. A corded stick vacuum will save let you have better maneuverability while not compromising as much on suction power.

What are the best storage options for an apartment?

There are a few different options for storage. You can invest in extra closet space by getting a wardrobe, for example. Clothing isn’t the only thing that you can store in them. There are tons of different options for storage bins, as well. The perfect storage space is out there no matter what you prefer.

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