Where to Put a Webcam

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Updated August 24, 2022

Even the best webcams need to be placed somewhere so that you can use them. If you’re wondering where to put a webcam, there are a few simple ways you can secure it. This is an essential part of using your webcam because you want to ensure it’s at eye level for video meetings.


  • Place your webcam just above your eye-line in front of your forehead and tilted slightly down.
  • You can put a webcam on a stack of books. This allows you to raise it up to the correct position and is a super simple fix.
  • You can also secure a webcam in place by attaching it directly to your laptop screen or monitor using the included mounting system.

Where to Put an External Webcam

Learning where to put your webcam is a bit of an art, much like knowing where the webcam is in the device manager. However, understanding your device’s intricacies will allow you to use it better, however. The same is true of learning where it should be placed for optimal video calls. If you’re looking for a new model, you might want to look into the best webcams for Chromebook.

Insider Tip

Using video lights will help you achieve better webcam video quality.

The most important thing, however, is that the webcam is placed just above eye level and aimed at your forehead but tilted slightly downwards. To achieve this angle, there are a few things you can do.

On a Stack of Books

A time-trusted method of securing your webcam, using a pile of books can help keep your webcam at the correct level while video conferencing. This is a simple fix, just like webcam color correction. However, the biggest con of this method is that you can easily knock the webcam off if it isn’t properly secured. Because of that, you’ll likely want to use our next method instead.


A built-in webcam will generally have a lower video quality than standalone models.

On Your Laptop Screen

Securing the camera directly on a laptop is a popular way of achieving the optimal eye level. Most of the time, a webcam will come with a mounting system that allows you to attach it to the top of your laptop screen. Learning how to attach a webcam to a monitor will help you figure this method out. This is the easiest way to maintain solid eye contact, especially if you place it right where your built-in webcam is.

STAT: In 2021, the video conferencing market in North America was worth 5.5 billion U.S. dollars. (source)


How do I improve my webcam’s video feed?

Try to find a soft light source. Generally, natural light works the best. This will allow you to have a better quality video without having to do any complicated, technical fixes.

Can I eliminate background noises while on a video call?

The best way to eliminate background noise is to ensure you’re in a quiet environment. However, there are also webcams with technology that helps cancel out background noise.

How do I install a USB webcam?

Installing a USB webcam is super easy. They just plug right into your computer using a USB cable, making them one of the most popular webcams on the market.
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