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Where to Place a Coffee Maker in the Kitchen

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Updated August 29, 2022

If you’re shopping for a premier coffee maker, then you’re probably curious about where to put it. While most might say you should place it on the kitchen counter, it isn’t that simple. For example, what if you’re limited on counter space or want a good place for all your coffee supplies? In addition, you can also set up a pantry coffee station or purchase a flat roll-out shelf or cart. So, if you’d like some inspiration on where to place a coffee maker in the kitchen, read on.


  • Place your coffee maker near an electrical outlet and close to your sink for the most efficient setup.
  • If you do not have counter space, consider using a rolling tray or coffee bar to hold your coffee maker and accessories.
  • If you have a small coffee maker, you can store it above your sink or kitchen counter on a floating shelf.

Where Should I Place My Coffee Maker in the Kitchen?

Unless you have a Bosch built-in coffee machine, you can easily pick up and place your drip coffee maker wherever you want. That said, for a functional kitchen countertop and an efficient morning routine, you should put some thought into where your coffee pot should go.

Insider Tip

Your kitchen counter espresso machine setup should give you ready access to water, a wastebasket, and additional coffee supplies.

Before we get into possible locations, you should consider a few general guidelines. First, you should have access to plain water, a trashcan, and a clean workspace. In addition, you want your coffee grinder, coffee cups, and an airtight container for your coffee beans. Lastly, consider purchasing a K-cup drawer organizer if you use a pod machine.

If you run out of supplies for a cup of coffee, you still have options. Read our guide on what to do when you run out of coffee filters for inspiration.

Pantry Coffee Station

If you have vertical space in your kitchen, consider placing your coffee maker on the kitchen counter and placing your grounds and coffee bar accessories in the cabinet. Place your cups in the lower kitchen cabinet and place your coffee grounds and grinder in the upper cabinet. If you have a big coffee maker, placing your supplies in the cabinet will save you space.

Separate Shelf

If you use a french press or Moka pot, you can store it on a floating shelf above your sink. Make sure you have enough space when considering what size French press you should get. In addition, a wide enough frame will fit most of your other supplies like your grinder and bean container. That said, do not store your beans on the shelf if it gets direct sunlight.

Rolling Coffee Bar

Sometimes called a coffee station, a coffee bar is specialized kitchen furniture specifically designed to hold your coffee machine. In addition, most models have drawers and cabinets for storing cups, beans, and other brewing supplies.

If you need more help with your coffee machines, you might be interested in our helpful guides discussing how to use a smart plug with a coffee maker, what thermostat fits a coffee maker, how to eliminate fruit flies by your coffee maker, and why is your coffee maker tripping the GFCI.


Do not place heavy appliances in upper cabinets to avoid dropping them on your head. If you must place a kitchen appliance in a cabinet, use a lower cabinet or one at eye level.


Does the coffee maker fit your kitchen’s theme?

Design experts recommend neutral kitchen appliances so you can replace them over time. For example, if all your devices are stainless steel, a yellow coffee maker might not fit with the rest of the aesthetic.

How to clean a coffeemaker?

You can clean most parts of your coffee maker with soapy water. That said, you should invest in a descaling solution to keep your water reservoir and water lines clear of limescale and calcium buildup.

How to arrange appliances in a small kitchen?

If you have enough counter space, place the appliances you use daily on the counter. That said, store any seldom-used tools in the cabinet and optimize your drawers for quick access.

STAT: According to industry research from the USDA, coffee availability peaked in 1947, decreasing each year as carbonated drinks gained popularity. (source)

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