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Pros- Vast Selection
- Lowest Prices
- No Taxes
- Free Shipping
- Quality Selection
- In-store availability
- Free Shipping
- Vast Selection-
Cons- Third-party sellers
- "Drop and Go" delivery
- 15% Return Fee
- Mediocre selection
- Third-party sellers
- Can't return from marketplace
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When it comes to determining where to buy the best hoverboards, there are a few items we take into account.

This includes shipping options, along with customer service, price, and how reliable the retailer is.

And after extensive research and ordering, we’ve determined that Amazon is the #1 place to buy a Hoverboard thanks to their 30-day return policy, excellent customer service, product selection, price and the speed at which they ship.

How We Picked Where to Buy a Hoverboard

Return Policy: Hoverboards have seen their ups and downs over the years. This is why it’s important to make note of each retailer’s return policy. Only one option on this list makes it possible return your hoverboard in store, but just about every option offers a 30-day return policy. 

Authorized Seller: With the likes of Jet, Amazon, and Walmart, you can purchase hoverboards from “authorized sellers”. This means that you won’t be receiving the hoverboard directly from the retailer, but instead, from a different seller. It’s important to make note of authorized sellers when making your purchase, but you can learn more about these directly from the “big three”. 

Price: Price is of utmost importance nowadays. Thankfully, now that hoverboards have been available for some time, prices have dropped dramatically. However, you will still want to check out the different retailers to decide which is the best for you, and which hoverboard falls in your price range. We liked Amazon’s transparency, and while they don’t price match any longer, they tend to offer some of the best pricing on the web.

Customer Service: If you do happen to run into any issues, you won’t want to jump through a bunch of loops. Some retailers offer better customer service than others. Can you imagine having a faulty product and being forced to wait weeks before receiving a response? Well, we determined which of these retailers are the best to help you make your decision by calling and emailing each of them to ensure a response time of no less than 48-72 hours. Amazon was the fastest with a response time usually under 24 hours.

Delivery Type: When it comes to finding the best retailer with the best delivery options, there are a few options to consider. Speed, cost, and whether you can pick one up in-store. Unfortunately, only two retailers offer in-store pick up (Best Buy and Target), but the others will deliver your hoverboard in a quick and timely matter. Amazon will deliver within two days if you have Amazon Prime and the product is applicable.

Fire Safety Rating: A few years ago, the hoverboard market saw a mass recall. This was due to many hoverboards being found to be unsafe. Since then, some retailers have included support for any official recalls from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This, obviously, accounted into our selections for the best places to buy a new hoverboard.

Selection: The final factor that we took a look at when it comes to determining the best place to buy a hoverboard is the selection. It’s important to have a lot of different options to choose from when selecting the best hoverboard. That’s why we scoured the selections for each retailer to help make your decision even easier.


#1  Amazon – Best for User Reviews

Best Place to Buy a Kayak

Bottom Line: When possible, purchasing products from Amazon is always one of the best moves. The customer service is great, and you get two-day Prime shipping on just about anything. As for the hoverboard selection, the retailer offers quite an array of different options. Of course, you’ll find some random options that look more like toys than actual hoverboards. Luckily you can just check out the various customer reviews to see how well these hoverboards stand up.

Return Policy: 30-days
Most Popular Brands: Swagtron, MegaWheels, HoverHeart


  • Free 2-day Prime Shipping on most products
  • A respectable selection of options
  • In-depth user reviews


  • ‘Drop and Go’ delivery
  • Third-party sellers could be a cause for concern

#2  Best Buy – Buy hoverboards in person

Best Buy is arguably the largest big-box electronics store here in the US. The company offers such a large selection of different products, that you are likely checking your local store for new electronics. The same can be said about Best Buy’s selection of hoverboards. While you won’t find as many different options here as you will from others, the options offered are backed with solid reviews.

Return Policy: 15 days (with 15% return fee)
Most Popular Brands: Swagtron, Hover-1, Jetson


  • Ability to view products in person, versus online only
  • Quality selection (options are best in the market)
  • Free Shipping on all options


  • Limited selection of options
  • 15% of item price as a return fee

#3  Walmart – Largest selection of hoverboards

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Bottom Line: If you thought that Amazon had a huge selection of hoverboards, then you should check out Walmart. The company’s online presence has been rapidly growing, making it possible to purchase from third-party retailers similar to Amazon. At the time of this writing, Walmart has almost 6,000 listings for “hoverboard”. Occasionally you’ll find some pretty good deals, but if you want to purchase from Walmart, the retailer offers 2-day shipping. Plus a 90-day return policy is almost unheard of.

Return Policy: 90-days
Most Popular Brands: Hover-1, Swagtron, Razor


  • Free shipping
  • Largest selection of the group
  • In-store availability on select products


  • Cannot return from “Marketplace” sellers
  • Unofficial sellers could offer faulty products

#4  Target – Best Return Policy

Bottom Line: Kicking off the standard retailer side of things, Target has made a few bucks off of hoverboards. Currently, the company offers just 15 different options to choose from. Some names will be recognizable (i.e. Razer), while there are some obscure ones such as LTXtreme. Sure, Target doesn’t have the biggest selection of hoverboards. But you can still head to your local store to pick one up in a pinch.

Return Policy: 30-days

Most Popular Brands:  Razor, Swagtron, Jetson


  • 30-day return policy
  • REDcard owners get an extra 30-days for return


  • Smallest selection of hoverboards
  • No in-store availability

#5  Jet – Best Customer Service

Bottom Line: Jet (now owned by Walmart) doesn’t have the same brand recognition as Amazon, but is still a great online option. The retailer has a slew of different hoverboard selections, including chargers, carrying bags, and more. Naturally, you will want to ensure that the product your purchasing is the real deal. This brings us to the next option on this list of where you can buy a hoverboard.

Return Policy: 30-days

Most Popular Brands: Hoverheart, Razor, TOMOLOO


  • Free 2-day shipping without membership
  • 24/7 customer service representatives
  • Vast selection
  • Free returns


  • Very limited customer-based reviews
  • Specification descriptions are bare

#6  Buying Your Hoverboard from a Specific Brand’s Website

Say you are doing your due diligence in finding the perfect hoverboard. But you would rather go directly through the manufacturer.

Luckily, that’s possible for many different hoverboard options. You can simply search for the hoverboard brand you are looking for and get taken in the right direction.

Various manufacturer’s offer online storefronts, which may be beneficial. Perhaps the biggest reason for being able to go directly to the OEM is peace of mind.

These folks manufactured the hoverboard, so they will know the answer to any question you may have. The downside here is that you will likely have to wait a bit longer on the shipping side of things. From time to time, you will also find that buying directly will afford you some different sales.

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the most popular hoverboard brands. We’ve taken a look at what each different offers in terms of a return policy, customer service, and selection.

Swagtron – This is a brand that we continued to see pop-up during our research, and it’s for good reason. Swagtron offers a great selection of hoverboards, and the official site offers an array of different products for different price ranges. There are even “recertified” options that have been sent back and were refurbished by Swagtron directly.

Razor – Do you remember the two-wheeled scooters that were all the crazy a few years back? Well Razor was one of the catalysts for that fad and the company has jumped in on the hoverboard craze. The company currently only offers three different hoverboards, with prices ranging from $270 to $450 (at the time of this writing). If you run into issues, you can contact Razor through email or on the phone and you will be responded to promptly.

Hoverheart  Hoverheart is another brand that continued to appear throughout our research. The company offers a few different options, some geared towards rugged terrain, and others geared towards riding around the office. Outside of contacting the company through social media, you can also use the phone number listed at the top of the web page to learn more about what Hoverheart has to offer.

Jetson – Jetson is another impressive brand if you’re looking for a new hoverboard. The company has a sleek and easy-to-use web client. In fact, when visiting for the first time, you can sign up for the Jetson newsletter and save 10% on your first purchase. On the return side of things, Jetson offers 30-days, but you may be forced to pay for shipping costs to send the hoverboard back to the company.

Hover-1 – Unlike the aforementioned brands, you can not purchase a Hover-1 hoverboard from the company’s online storefront. Instead, you’ll have to go to other retailers (i.e. Walmart) if you want to purchase one of these hoverboards. On the bright side, you will be able to contact Hover-1 support through its support page if you run into any issues. Just don’t expect to go through Hover-1 for a refund if issues arise as you’ll need to go back to the retailer you purchased it from.

Final Thoughts About Buying a Hoverboard

Buying a hoverboard nowadays is just as easy as about any other product. But it’s important to do the proper research before spending your hard-earned money. And remember, safety first, price second. Make sure your hoverboard is Fire Safe rated and make sure to wear the proper protective gear to prevent head and body injuries.

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