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Where is the ID Number on an Electric Scooter?

There are times when you need to know the exact electric scooter that’s in front of you. For example, you might be looking to buy a used e-scooter, or you may need to make sure you get the right parts to repair the one you already own.


  • Most E-Scooters do not have a VIN but instead, use a serial number.
  • The ID number is usually found on the body of the E-scooter.
  • Serial numbers can verify a used electric scooter’s authenticity.

To find out what model scooter you have, it is best to begin by finding the ID number or VIN. That said, the VIN’s location isn’t always prominent, and you may find yourself wondering where the ID number on an electric scooter is. Read on, and this article will help you find your electric scooter VIN or serial number in no time. You may also want to take a peek at the best e-scooters available on the market today.

What is a vehicle identification number (VIN)?

A vehicle identification number is a unique code that serves as something like a vehicle fingerprint. No two VINs are alike, so people can use a VIN to determine vehicle ownership or past incidents and repairs. That said, most electric scooters do not have a VIN. On the other hand, if you wish to make your scooter faster, then you’ll want to know how to remove an e-scooter’s speed limiter; you’ll need to identify the type of scooter and find out which components are responsible for managing its speed.

Most e-scooters have a serial number that tells you the model scooter you have but won’t tell you anything about who owns the scooter. Also, remember that as a new owner, it is important to know where it is legal to ride an electric scooter.

Why are Electric Scooter Serial Numbers Important?

An electric scooter serial number will be able to tell you what model scooter you have and if there have been any recalls of that particular model. In addition, an E-scooter’s serial number will help you find the correct replacement parts should you need to perform service at home. Lastly, knowing your serial number relates to driver safety because e-scooter brands announce recalls by giving out the serial number of a particular model to the media.

Once you know where the serial number is located, you won’t forget it. However, it may be difficult to locate the fuse on an electric scooter or how to repair an electric scooter controller. But, those are different guides.


Unfortunately, sometimes the serial number is roughed up and hard to spot or read due to the location.

Where Can I Find My Electric Scooter Serial Number?

So now we know what VIN and serial numbers are, but we still need to track them down. Manufacturers usually apply a serial number sticker to the body of electric scooters, but not always on the same spot – even on multiple of the same model scooters. Below are the most common spots to find an electric scooter ID number.

Handlebar Stem

Look along the scooter’s handlebar stem. The serial number or VIN number is usually near the very top or bottom of the handlebar stem.

Foot Deck

Sometimes e-scooter riders can find their ID number near the side or bottom of the deck. Unfortunately, sometimes the serial number is roughed up and hard to spot or read due to the location.

Battery Pack

Just below most scooter decks is the battery pack that houses the rechargeable batteries. Some companies will place the serial or VIN number here, but it is uncommon.

Rear Wheel Hub

The rear wheel is the most common VIN location for e-scooter rentals found in the city. The number is typically closer to the wheel than the axle. The size of the numbers can sometimes be small.

Battery Charger

Some manufacturers place a serial number sticker on the battery charger that came with the vehicle. This is usually the case with cheaper scooters or a scooter for kids. Remember that for kids, you need the type of e-scooter motor that has a lower wattage. And, to ensure the wattage is correct for a child, check out the different types of electric scooter batteries before buying anything.

What if My Serial Number is Missing?

If you can’t find your E-scooter’s serial number or scratched off, don’t stress. Typically, your charger will have the brand name of your scooter on it. However, if you buy a used scooter and the serial number is missing, proceed with caution. A missing serial number might indicate a counterfeit e-scooter.


Can I take a trip at night? Are e-scooters equipped with lights?

Most e-scooters have some form of light visible to others, but those lights are not great for seeing the road at night.

How old do I have to be to use an e-Scooter?

Most cities and states in the United States do not have laws regarding electric scooters, so, therefore, is no minimum age. That said, look up your local laws to make sure you don’t violate the rules.

Do electric scooters have VIN numbers?

Most electric scooters do not have VIN numbers or ID numbers. That said, all authentic e-scooters should have a serial number.

STAT: Head injuries are 40 percent of e-scooter-related ER visits, a UCLA study says. (source)

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