Where Are Weber Grills Made?

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Updated June 27, 2022

If you are shopping around for a new BBQ grill, you may wonder where are Weber grills made. Some of the best grills, after all, are manufactured by Weber. So where does this company make their grills, what grills do they specialize in, and what is Weber’s general history? Keep reading to find out.


  • Weber Grills proudly makes most of its product line in the USA at its Illinois manufacturing plant.
  • The company, however, does source certain components from overseas manufacturers and does make the Spirit line in China.
  • Weber is known for making kettle grills, which is a variant of a charcoal grill. These grills tend to get hotter than gas grills.

Where Are Weber Grills Manufactured?

Weber makes their grills in the USA and has been doing so since 1952. They manufacture their entire line of grills at a plant in Huntley, Illinois. There has been some controversy, however, over the fact that the company does impart a couple of the components from overseas and their Spirit line of grills is also made overseas. But even with that said, many consumers stick by Weber because of the factory jobs they give American workers. The same cannot be said, after all, if you are wondering where Traeger grills are made, as that company manufactures in China.

Insider Tip

Look for the “Made in the USA” sticker if you want to ensure you are purchasing an American-made grill.

History of Weber Grills

Weber was formed in 1952 in the suburbs of Chicago, where the company still resides to this day. They were started by a man named George Stephen, who worked at Weber Brothers Metal Works, and were sold in 2010 to BDT Capital Partners. Most consumers assumed the new buyer would shut down the American plant in favor of overseas manufacturers, but that did not happen.

What is Weber Known For?

The company manufacturers all kinds of different popular grills and related accessories, but came to be famous for its kettle-style grill.

Benefits of a Kettle Grill

A kettle grill, as the name suggests, is somewhat shaped like a kettle and was actually invented by Weber’s founder back in the 1950s. Many consumers swear by the kettle design for many reasons, especially when comparing Big Green Egg vs Weber. Additionally, you can compare multiple alternative grills including Char-Griller 980 vs Masterbuilt 1050 and Nexgrill vs Blackstone

Charcoal and Heat

Kettle grills primarily use charcoal briquettes as a heat source, though it’s sometimes hard to know when charcoal is ready for use. Charcoal is not known for having a particularly wide temperature range, as it doesn’t excel with low and slow cooking, but it is absolutely fantastic for cooking ingredients at ultra-high temperatures. This makes kettle grills a great choice for searing steaks, burgers, and multiple other types of food.

Smoky Taste

Charcoal grills also impart a unique and delicious smoky flavor to ingredients. Meat cooked over a charcoal grill end up particularly juicy and tender, and this result is difficult to replicate over a gas or wood-fired grill.


Which grills are made in the USA?

Besides Weber-Stephen Products LLC, many other companies manufacture in America, including Smokey Joe, Grilla Grills, Broil King, and more.

Are American-made grills worth the price?

The manufacturing cost is higher, that is for sure, but buying from an American company is worth it if you are looking for a solid build and an innovative design.

Which grill should you purchase?

This depends on your individual needs. If you need indoor cooking, invest in an electric grill. Gas grills are great if you have access to the fuel source and pellet grills are great for smoking.

STAT: Weber is also known for inventing their patented Flavorizer bars back in 1952. (source)

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