Where are Traeger Grills Made?

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Updated April 19, 2023

If you are shopping around for American-made BBQ grills, you may wonder where are Traeger grills made. Some of the best grills, after all, are made in this country while others are made overseas. So where does Traeger conduct their manufacturing and what types of grills do the company specialize in? Keep reading.


  • Traeger grills are manufactured in China, though this happened in 2006 when founder Joe Traeger sold the company.
  • Traeger is mostly known for manufacturing high-grade wood pellet grills and smokers and is considered to be one of the top pellet grill manufacturers.
  • Wood pellet grills are known for offering even heat, a wide temperature range, and the ability to operate as a smoker.

Where is Traeger Grills Manufactured?

The entire line of Traeger brand grills, including the Traeger Pro 575, is now manufactured in China, though that was not always the case, as they used to be made right in the USA. But, comparing Traeger vs Grilla grills may help you find a grill made in America. The same is true regarding other major brands if you are wondering, for instance, where Pit Boss grills are made. Other brands, however, are still made in the USA, if you are wondering where Weber grills are made. You’re not limited to just these few brands. You can compare more grills, like Char-Griller 980 vs Masterbuilt 1050, for other options. 

However, this can be a more expensive option, as the costs of materials and manufacturing costs in the United States are typically higher. But it’s not impossible to find quality American-made products that fit your budget.

When Did Traeger Stop Making Grills in the USA?

They stopped manufacturing grills in America in 2006 after company founder Joe Traeger sold the brand and assets. Nowadays, founder Joe Traeger actually works for competitor Dansons Grills who own Pit Boss, among other top brands.

The business of charcoal grills shifted to products with higher technology, such as multi-cooking chambers, allowing for more versatile cooking. This shift has resulted in a wider variety of charcoal grills that include additional features such as adjustable cooking chambers and temperature control settings.

Insider Tip

Wood pellet grills occasionally include high-tech features like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi integration.

What Does Traeger Specialize in?

Traeger is known for making a wide variety of popular grill types and accessories, though they are particularly known for their wood pellet grills. Check out our page on how does a pellet grill work to learn more about these types of grills.

Why Use a Wood Pellet Grill?

There are several reasons why wood pellet grills have become so popular in recent years. Not only are they a cost-effective option compared to traditional grill models, but their low-maintenance nature and easy portability make them ideal for outdoor grilling. In addition, many manufacturers of pellet grills offer different models of pellet grills (like wood pellet smokers) with unique features that allow consumers to customize their grilling experience.

While it’s true that they are mostly used for outdoor cooking, the Blackstone 22 tabletop griddle review shows that this particular product is designed specifically for indoor use.

Easy to Use

Wood pellet grills are easy to light, easy to maintain a consistent temperature, and easy to operate. This makes them a fantastic choice for both grilling experts and amateurs alike. As a matter of fact, many popular Traeger models ignite simply by enabling the fuel canister and pushing a button.

Wide Temperature Range

Wood pellet grills are also known for offering a particularly wide range of temperatures. This makes them a fantastic choice for high-temperature cooking, such as when you sear a steak, and low-temperature applications like smoking. Many wood pellet grills are the go-to appliances when it comes to smoking meats.

Few Flare-Ups and Cold Zones

This increased temperature range also applies to the entire grill, meaning fewer flare-ups of high heat and cold zones. In other words, you can be reasonably sure when using a wood pellet grill that you can place ingredients pretty much anywhere you want and achieve your desired results. And knowing how to clean your grill properly can help ensure you always have these desired results.


Who owns Traeger grills?

Traeger grills are currently owned by a company called Traeger Pellet Grills LLC, which was specifically created when founder Joe Traeger sold off the company in 2006.

Are there grills made in the USA in 2022?

Some companies still manufacture in the USA, including MAK Grills, Grilla Grills, and more. Check the company’s official website for more information.

Who invented the pellet grill?

Most pellet grills allow for the use of pellets created by any number of manufacturers, as they all bring up the internal temperature.

STAT: Joe Traeger invented the Original Wood-Fired Grill over 30 years ago in Mt. Angel, Oregon. (source)

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