When to Replace Mouse Feet

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Updated November 18, 2022

The best computer mouse for gaming needs to be agile and, quite literally, quick on its feet. Unfortunately, many gamers don’t understand that their gaming mouse has feet that affect how it glides. Below, we’ll explain what they are, how they affect a mouse’s feel and performance, and when to replace mouse feet.


  • Mouse feet are attached to the bottom of the mouse and affect how well the mouse glides.
  • A mouse’s feet wear out over time depending on surface type and intensity of use. Users should check and replace them whenever the gliding starts to feel off.
  • Mouse feet come in different materials — like plastic, Teflon, and ceramic, which wear out at different speeds.

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Insider Tip

Many gamers report that the best glide is by purchasing feet made of 100% Virgin PTFE (Teflon).

When to Change Mouse Feet

Every mouse has a few feet at the bottom. These feet are usually plastic or Teflon strips to help your mouse glide more easily across a surface.

Stock mouse feet are often considered cheap and overall performance is significantly improved by switching them out with aftermarket feet. So, to answer the question of when to change them out, this depends on how integral smooth glide is to accomplish your mouse usage. If you are a serious gamer relying on the smoothest possible mouse experience, you should watch your mouse feet constantly. Additionally, gamers can benefit from considering changing their mouse feet every six months or so, as they tend to wear them out quicker than expected.

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Regular computer users also benefit from replacement mouse feet. However, they might only need to buy sets of replacement mouse feet every few years. Ultimately, it comes down to the surface your mouse is on and the intensity to which you use it. For example, the feet will last longer if you primarily use your mouse on a cloth surface.

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Different Types of Replacement Feet

There are a handful of materials used to make mouse feet. Mainly, mouse feet will either be made of plastic or Teflon. However, there are other options, like ceramic feet.


Many mouse feet require a break-in period before the glide feels smooth. Therefore, giving your mouse about 5-20 hours to break in its new feet is wise.

Ultimately, the material dramatically impacts the time you need to replace them. Ceramic feet last the longest, followed by Teflon. Plastic is considered the cheapest option and wears out the easiest.

STAT: Mouse feet come in different thicknesses. Typically, they are anywhere from 0.6-0.8 mm. (source)

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