When Should You Repair or Replace Your Microwave?

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Updated August 19, 2022

Even if you have a top-tier microwave oven, there comes a time when all kitchen appliances need common repairs. That said, what if your microwave repair costs start to approach your initial investment? Calling a professional repairer can get expensive, especially when a DIY repair isn’t an option. So, if your microwave breaks, you need to know when should you repair or replace your microwave. Read this guide to find your best option.


  • Repair the microwave if your repair is a simple fix like the roller guide, drive motor, or a blown fuse.
  • If your broken appliance is at or near the 10-year mark, consider replacing it with a high-quality microwave.
  • If the cost of replacement parts or repair exceeds half the cost of an average microwave oven, replace it.

Microwave Repair Cost Vs Microwave Replacement Cost

Like comparing glass and ceramic cookware for a microwave, the choice of repairing or replacing your microwave is a tough one. While we want a functioning budget-friendly microwave, cheaper microwave models tend to break more often. So, if you plan to replace a nice built-in microwave with the cheapest microwave you can find, that isn’t a great choice. Fixing an over stove microwave vs. replacing it is one of the more challenging homeownership situations. Luckily, we can walk you through when to call an appliance technician or a commercial microwave salesperson.

Insider Tip

If you’re shopping for costly repairs, make sure your repair professional includes any extra service fees in their quote.ccc

For a cost-conscious consumer, price is the number one deciding factor. So, find out the difference between a convection and inverter microwave oven to see what parts you may need. Then, if you have a different type of microwave, continue on this guide.

Cheaper Options

Generally, no appliance repair should exceed the unit’s initial cost. You should not let your repair costs exceed half the initial price for the cheapest kitchen appliances. So, you should only repair the most common microwave components for the average countertop microwave.

If you have a high-end model, like a built-in microwave oven, you may want to fix more complicated microwave issues. However, the cost of replacement for an expensive unit will most likely not eclipse the cost of repair.

Average Life Expectancy

The average life span of a cheap model microwave is about 5-10 years. So, if your microwave is in that age range, you may want to replace it. Newer models, like high-end speed cooking microwaves, offer additional heating modes, and some even include smart connectivity.

Warranty Plan

If you go with repair, ensure your microwave repair service offers different types of warranty coverage for their work. If not, you should factor it into the cost of microwave repair. New models offer a manufacturer warranty plan that typically covers the first few years of everyday use. Warranty coverage for microwaves is excellent for treating common issues and defects.

On the other hand, we have helpful guides that can give you DIY steps to fixing a microwave door hinge and uninstalling a microwave.


Even the most common microwave repair can be dangerous due to the electric panels and microwave fuses. You are at risk of a nasty shock when repairing a microwave, so call an appliance repair technician if you feel at all unsure during repairs.


How do I make my microwave last longer?

You should ensure that your microwave oven is kept clean during and after each use. The number one killer of microwaves is condensation leaking into the control panel and drive motor. So, clean and dry your microwave’s interior cavity.

Do you need a more energy-efficient appliance?

Older appliances do not have the energy-efficiency standards that modern units must have. So, if you want to save money in the long run, replacing your unit is a good move.

What are the signs that a microwave is going bad?

The early signs of a failing microwave are non-responsive microwave buttons and food that comes out lukewarm or cold. If you notice either of these issues, stop using your microwave and seek professional advice.

STAT: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the size of your microwave accounts for 82% of the average cost of a replacement microwave. (source)

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