What to do With Drones?

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Updated June 27, 2022

If you are new to the world of unmanned aircraft, you may wonder what to do with drones. The best drones, after all, offer many features and functionalities, and they can get a bit overwhelming. So why purchase a drone and what can they do? Keep reading to find out.


  • There is plenty of fun and interesting things for a drone pilot to do with unmanned aerial vehicles, such as taking them through wild locations.
  • Many modern drones are equipped with cameras, so try taking some sweet aerial footage and aerial photos.
  • Modern drones can also be set to follow moving objects, which comes in handy during sporting events and increases drone usage options.

What Can I Do With a Drone?

There are a whole lot of things to do with a drone, but make sure you learn how and when to register a drone first. It’s important to understand the law on drones, as well as if you need a license to fly your drone. Any drone above 0.55 pounds must be registered with the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). Registration costs five bucks and lasts for three years. Once registered, however, the drone world will be your oyster. Here is what you’ll do with your new drone.

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No matter what you do with your drone, be sure to follow and complete the registration process before taking it out into the sky.

Fly Through Natural Terrain

This goes without saying, but drones are great to take out to nature preserves. The drone will be able to access areas you wouldn’t be able to on your own, such as atop high mountain peaks and through densely populated forests. Of course, whenever flying a drone in the wilderness, or anywhere, watch out for obstacles, otherwise you’ll be learning what to do when your drone lands in the water. Also, stay below 400 feet to adhere to FAA regulations.

Shoot Video and Snap Pictures

Ever wished you could get a sweet aerial video of your neighborhood or a nearby wilderness retreat? That’s what many drones are for. Many modern drones feature HD cameras built right into the frame, with some advanced models boasting the ability to shoot in 4K. Many drones also have higher resolution, which you’ll see by comparing Autel EVO 2 6K vs 8K. If your drone lacks a dedicated camera, there are many third-party action cameras that are designed specifically to attach to drones for capturing aerial footage. Plus, drones with headless mode make it much easier to use the device.

Help With Sporting Activities

Many drones can be programmed to follow a moving object, such as a person. Use this technology to your advantage and set it to follow you as you run, swim, or participate in other outdoor and sporting activities. Once you finish, the footage provided will give you a bird’s eye view of your process and what needs improvement.


There are many drone racing clubs. Join one and get in on the action, racing members for bragging rights. Just be sure to follow any and all regulations regarding distance, speed, and line of sight. Otherwise, you could face stiff legal penalties.


What types of drones are available?

Beyond consumer drones, there are many other types, including commercial drones, military drones, armed drones, drones for real estate companies, and more.

What is the future outlook for drone technology?

The technology is ever-advancing, so expect increased flight times in the future and improved features for aerial photographers, among other advances.

Can a drone see into my house?

Short answer? Maybe, but that’s why insurance companies and your preferred drone company adhere to privacy rules and regulations regarding the flight path and drone deliveries.

STAT: Beginning September 16, 2023, all drone pilots required to register their drone must operate their aircraft in accordance with the remote ID rule for pilots, which gives drone owners sufficient time to upgrade their aircraft. (source)

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