What Paint to Use for a Projector Screen

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Updated December 8, 2022

Even if you have the best projector, you need an excellent projector screen to make the most of your dedicated home theater room. Instead of using a cloth or stretchable material as your projector screen, you can paint it on a wall. While most would assume projector screen paint only goes on a white wall, you can also paint your theater screen. Of course, you need to use the correct type of paint, but it should result in a brighter image and reduce ambient light reflection. If you’d like an overall better viewing experience, read on to learn what paint to use for a projection screen.


  • Projector screen paint comes in white, black, silver, and shades of grey.
  • Pick a white screen paint if you have a low-lumen projector or ambient light.
  • Go with grey or black paint if you play games or have a blacked-out space for your home theater.

What Paint Type do I need for Projection Screen?

While you may think white paint is the best choice for picture quality, it isn’t that simple. Specialized projection paints from brands like Paint on Screen and Digital Image Screen Paint help produce the most cinematic experience. That said, you may need to learn how to replace a projector lens if you aren’t getting the results you want.

Insider Tip

Keep all animals and children out of the room while you paint your screen. Getting dirt, dust, or hair on your fresh coat of paint will mean having to start over.

How to Pick the Right Projector Screen Paint

Finding the right digital projector screen paint depends on a few factors. While a white screen may work most of the time, gray screens offer deeper blacks if your room is dark enough. In addition, what you watch will inform your paint colors. That said, for the most accurate color, you need to clean inside a projector lens.

Projector Brightness Level

A bright projector image results in vivid color saturation and deep blacks. If you have a powerful projector, you should go with a grey finish. That said, a low-lumen projector will need light-grey paint or white projector screen paint. Although, if your projector is repeatedly turning off, you may need to invest in a new projector first. 

Ambient Light

The lighting in your dedicated home theater room matters. If your environment has a lot of ambient light from windows or doors, you want white screen paint for your theater screen. White paint will reflect light better, but you should consider grey or black screen paint if you have a blacked-out room.

What do You Watch?

The perfect paint depends on what you watch. For example, if you watch 3D movies, you should go with reflective paint, like white. That said, you want dark theater screen paint if you watch movies in HDR or play video games. In most cases, after you learn how to connect a projector to a phone, you can then work on adjusting your screen paint for the best picture.

How to Apply Projector Paint

You can apply high-quality screen paint while your screen is hanging or lying down. First, clean the screen of dirt or dust, so you have a smooth surface. Next, use a roller to apply multiple light coats of paint in a smooth finish. Finally, let the base coat dry before starting to apply your double coat.


Do not use wall paint on your screen as it will damage it; make sure you get digital screen paint.


Are projector paints better value than traditional projector screens?

Traditional projector screens are great for outdoor movies or simple viewings. That said, you can treat an entire wall for the price of a large traditional screen. Painted correctly, projection paints also deliver better image quality.

What colors do projector screen paints come in?

HD projector screen paint comes in white, black, and shades of grey. In addition, you can also find silver paint.

Can projector screen paints also be used to create dry-erase surfaces?

The projector screen material cannot be used as a dry-erase board. Instead, consider chalkboard paint if you have a quality projector with high lumens.

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