What is the Smallest Digital Camera?

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Updated July 27, 2022

If you’re curious as to what is the smallest digital camera available, there are a few answers to that question. We’ll focus on consumer cameras today, but it is important to note that there are much smaller digital cameras out there typically used for surgeries. These microscopic surgery cams are much, much smaller than the Canon IXUS 130 14.1MP, IXUS 140, and the Coolpix P900 vs Coolpix L340.


  • The maximum aperture size for small digital cameras will not be nearly as high as those with room for larger sensors.
  • When looking for a small digital camera, prioritize a pocketable body over advanced image quality.
  • Brands are constantly putting out smaller and smaller cameras to keep up with the demand for

What is the Smallest Digital Camera?

Knowing what is the smallest digital camera available to the average consumer is more than just fun trivia. Anybody going on vacation or interested in amateur street photography will benefit greatly from having a camera that is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket and has a decent storage capacity. Moreover, they’re sometimes point-and-shoot cameras, which are the easiest digital cameras to use for seniors.

Smallest Types Of Digital Cameras

There are tons of cameras small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, and some even smaller than that. There are many small digital cameras, and figuring out which one is technically the smallest is no easy feat. In reality, that measurement depends greatly on perception. Whether going by weight or overall size, a couple of body types come to mind.

Point-And-Shoot Cameras

There is a wide variety of point-and-shoot cameras on the market. These models are built for convenience and often feature things like a wrist strap to hit that sweet spot between a beautiful design and practicality. You won’t be able to do any film photography with these options, and their features leave something to be desired in some cases. However, they usually are small enough to fit into a jacket pocket. If you’re looking for a reasonable size to do something like amateur street photography with, then a point-and-click model is a great place to start.

Ultra-Compact Cameras

A beautiful design goes a long way in determining whether you want a camera or not. What ultra-compact cameras lose in picture quality they make up for in portability. That isn’t to say that these cameras can’t take photos with amazing image quality. Once you understand what a plane of focus is and how to adjust your camera settings, you will be good to go. Their minimalist design just makes it more difficult to pack in the exact features you might find with a DSLR option.


What is the best brand for point-and-shoot cameras?

Point-and-shoot cameras come in all shapes and sizes. Nikon tends to produce the best line-up, especially with their Coolpix series.

Do waterproof cameras exist?

Absolutely. Waterproof cameras are essential for everything from travel to street photography. Whether you’re facing the beach or rain, making sure your camera is safe should be your priority.

How do you do remote photography?

There are a few ways to do remote photography. You usually want to set up a timer, which can be done with a specific set-up or by using software on your smartphone. There are tons of systems available.

Do smart devices come with good cameras?

The many advances in smartphone cameras mean that they can produce amazing quality images. Smartphones can never replace the image quality provided by digital cameras, however.

STAT: Its new Lumix model, DMC-G1, is 27 percent smaller than its existing DMC-L10 SLR camera, and weighs 385 grams — slightly more than a regular can of beer. (source)

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