What Is the Snapchat Pixel Code?

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Updated January 16, 2023

The number one goal of most businesses is to grow. However, with increasing laws and regulations around consumer privacy, companies need to be aware of what practices to uphold to reach the right audience without infringing on their consumer rights. Many social media platforms offer pixel tracking as a safe way to boost audience engagement while staying within the boundaries of the law. Below we’ll explain the Snapchat pixel code and how you can use it to grow audiences and boost conversion rates.


  • The Snapchat pixel is placed on a business/organization’s web pages to serve that user’s ads later on when they use social media.
  • Snapchat is great for boosting conversion among younger audiences, given that 60% of its user base is under 25.
  • Over time pixel tracking information is used for retargeting, leading to optimized campaigns that enhance conversion rates.

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Insider Tip

The easiest way to set up the Snapchat pixel code is to go through one of the major e-commerce platforms (like Shopify or Google Tage Manager.) These platforms offer custom integration and make the pixel placement process speedy.

What Is the Snapchat Pixel?

Pixels are uniquely valuable in the modern age of data processing. Pixels can be used to track all sorts of user behavior and events, such as:

  • Device Type Used
  • Time Spent Viewing
  • Clicks
  • Bounce Rate
  • IP Addresses
  • Purchases
  • Add to Cart/Wishlist
  • Product Views

And the above list only scratches the surface.

Snapchat is an incredibly valuable platform because its home to young audiences and has an average daily user base of 200 million. Therefore, any business should consider tracking audience behavior, using pixels for retargeting later as they log into Snapchat.

So what exactly do pixels accomplish? Pixels are bits of code that are placed on a web page. When a user enters and starts engaging, the pixels track a litany of behavior (see the above list.) So, as the pixels record the behavior, businesses can further understand what’s working and what needs improvement.

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Benefits of Using a Snapchat Pixel

Implementing the right custom pixels provide substantive information which tailors targeting data to high-value users. This targeting data then serves hyper-specific ads to users on the Snapchat platform. Given that the Snapchat user base is among the most highly engaged of all major social media platforms, the data you receive from tracking user behavior helps reach prime members of your target audience.


In some states with stricter data laws, like California, businesses must provide users with the option to opt-in to data tracking. Failure to do so may result in hefty fines. Of course, these rules also apply to any business tracking residents of that state, even if the business’s location isn’t within a state with stricter laws.

Additionally — once businesses collect the pixel data — campaigns, strategies, and creativity can be optimized to increase conversions.

STAT: In the United States of America, 78% of all Snapchat users fall between the ages of 18-24. (source)

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