What is a Smart Inverter Microwave?

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Updated August 18, 2022

If you have been shopping around for kitchen appliances, you may wonder what is a smart inverter microwave. The best microwave ovens, after all, tend to feature nifty technologies that go above and beyond simple microwaving. Keep reading to learn all about smart inversion and microwaves.


  • A smart inverter microwave uses proprietary technology to offer ultra-precise temperature control via the power level, lowering the cooking time in some instances.
  • Smart inverter models are great for cooking certain ingredients, such as fish or eggs, and for defrosting items.
  • Inverter technology can also control how hot a container gets while it rests inside of the microwave.

What is a Smart Inverter Microwave Oven?

Smart inverter technology dictates how power is supplied to the microwave, its magnetron, and, thus, the entire heating cavity. With traditional microwaves, if you set the power level to 50 percent, the microwave will oscillate between 100 percent power and zero percent power at regular intervals. Traditional microwave ovens are pretty much “all or nothing” in that regard. That’s why if you have a traditional microwave, make sure you know how to make popcorn correctly.

Inverter technology, however, includes dedicated circuits that allow ultra-precise temperature control. In other words, if you set it to 50 percent power, it will deliver 50 percent of heating power, not 100 percent sometimes, and nothing the rest of the time.

Insider Tip

Smart inverter models tend to come with detailed instruction manuals for cooking a wide variety of dishes.

Benefits of a Smart Inverter Microwave

There are a number of advantages to using inverter microwaves, which may lead you to look up how to uninstall a microwave so you can upgrade to a newer model. Additionally, you can also pick up some microwave cooking accessories to go with it, too.

Precision Cooking

The primary reason to choose inverter models over standard microwave ovens is that the former offer ultra-precise temperature controls. This will allow you to cook a wide range of ingredients you would normally not be able to in a microwave, such as eggs, fish, and more of your favorite foods.


It can be tough to defrost something in a traditional microwave, as you always run the risk of heating it too much and actually cooking it instead of defrosting it. Due to the precise temperature controls on offer with inverter microwaves, defrosting is an absolute breeze. Just follow the recommended settings for the ingredients you are looking to defrost and you’ll be good to go.

Cooler Containers

Microwaves are known for heating up containers, even if they are microwave-safe. This makes for a dangerous scenario after your food is done cooking in which you have to wear gloves or quickly remove the container to avoid burning yourself. Instead of learning how to make a microwave bowl holder, go with an inverter microwave. The precise temperature controls could help you avoid an accidental burn so you can enjoy your popcorn or dinner in peace.


Is inverter technology worth it in a microwave?

This depends on your needs. The cooking power is more nuanced with an inverter model, allowing for a greater variety of dishes, but the cost can be much higher than standard microwave ovens.

Is it possible to have a convection oven without a fan?

In most cases, convection ovens need to have a fan because they need some way to expel all of that hot air.

Who makes inverter microwaves?

LG microwave ovens are available with smart inverter technology. The same can be said for a Panasonic microwave oven, as the Panasonic inverter microwave is extremely popular.

STAT: A microwave should only be operating at around 30% power for defrosting. (source)

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