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What Is a Simulated Webcam?

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As technology evolves, the best webcams offer a more comprehensive range of features. Some pertain to video quality, and others have to do with capability. There are even certain webcam features that can help you get out of useless meetings. Interested? If so, keep reading as we explain, “What is a simulated webcam?”


  • A simulated webcam is a video feed that looks like a real webcam.
  • Simulated cameras are used for many reasons, from increasing online privacy to playing hooky during work meetings.
  • To set up a simulated webcam, record a video of yourself and then upload it on the background feature of your app.

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Insider Tip

Online tools, such as “Perfect Fake Webcam,” help users put together video clips to create a fake webcam feed. The tool even lets users add effects to increase the appearance.

How to Simulate a Webcam

The concept behind a simulated webcam is simple: it’s something that appears to be a real webcam but isn’t. A simulated webcam is actually a video file that plays on a loop in the background of a video conference app. What’s on the video is up to you. But if you do it subtly, whoever is watching will have difficulty figuring out that they’re watching a prerecorded video.

The concept of a simulated webcam feed closely resembles fake security cameras, which are also common. Like these security cameras, simulated cameras appear to be physical webcams. But in reality, it is just a dummy feed.

Many use fake cameras during video chat sessions to protect online identity, like on the app Omegle. And the process of setting one up is simple.


Getting caught skipping meetings via simulated webcam can lead to severe professional consequences.

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Simulating a Webcam

The process for webcam emulation looks different depending on what device you’re using. For example, suppose you are using a simulated webcam for work purposes. In that case, you should first create a video that captures you looking as you would during a boring work meeting.

Any image or video will do if you’re doing this for fun or using a simulated camera for safety purposes.

STAT: The first webcam was invented in 1991 by scientists at the University of Cambridge. (source)

Once the video is recorded, you must go into the app and find the virtual background settings. If the app allows you to set your background as a video, go ahead and upload the video.

What Is a Simulated Webcam FAQs

Can you create a simulated camera on any web conferencing app?

Any app allowing you to select a background photo or video should be capable of a simulated webcam feed.

How should you record yourself to make it seem real?

Because a simulated webcam is a video recording played on a loop to make it appear you’re there live and in person, doing very little outside of slightly nodding your head and appearing interested is recommended. Because the video is playing on a loop, it’s essential to ensure that nothing you do is noticeable if done on repeat.

How can I tell if someone is using a simulated webcam?

On certain apps, like Omegle, a notification will appear when someone uses a simulated webcam. In other programs, you can tell fake videos by the feed’s repetitive motion.

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