What Is a Silent Mouse?

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Updated November 18, 2022

Perhaps you’re tired of the trackpad and want to invest in the best computer mouse. It’s always a sound investment to ensure your gadgets suit your needs. And sometimes, this sound investment means buying one with no sound at all. Below, we’ll explain a silent mouse and why many users prefer it.


  • Silent mice redesign many parts of the mouse to reduce clicking, scrolling, and gliding noises.
  • Many silent mice add customizable buttons, which are programmable to user preferences.
  • Silent mice are great for those who work in public spaces or use their computers late into the night.

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Insider Tip

For those using wireless mice, you can improve the battery life by turning off your device whenever it’s not in use.

What Is a Silent Mouse

So outside of the significant hint right in its name, what is a silent mouse? We all know that computer mice make a good deal of noise. For many, this noise isn’t preferable, as it can be a personal distraction or disruptive to those around them.

Silent mice are designed for noise reduction. Every part is designed to cut down on noise, from the scroll wheel to the switches to the mechanical feet. For example, the switches have rubber padding, so every time you go to click, there’s no click whatsoever. Even the inside body of a quiet mouse is often ribbed with plastic or rubber to reduce the echo.

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Advantages of a Silent Mouse

Aside from the noise, there are other elements to the silent mouse which make them desirable.

As a general rule, because silent mice are purposeful in their design, they tend to be made with better parts. In short, this means such gaming mice often last longer.

Additionally, many come with ergonomic designs. Of course, there are clicky mice with ergonomic designs. But silent mice, in general, were developed to prioritize user experience, which means there is a wide range of ergonomic choices.

Silent mice are also typically built with more comfortable material, like soft rubber.

Between the comfortability and the addition of extra buttons for extra controls, silent mice have become the personal preference among many gamers, especially those who like to game late into the night.

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Disadvantages of a Silent Mouse

It’s difficult to name any objective disadvantages of silent mice. Price-wise there’s not a huge variance. However, if you’re looking for the most affordable mouse possible, odds are it won’t be a silent one.


Using a mouse with a wireless connection might lead to connectivity issues. Use a wired mouse if you’re looking for the most stable connections.

Outside of price, some might prefer the noise of traditional mice. Because of this, it’s good to test out silent mouse options before purchasing.

STAT: The Logitech Pebble is among the most silent market mice. It’s reported that the mouse reduced overall noise by 90%. (source)

What Is a Silent Mouse FAQs

What is the DPI button?

The DPI button stands for "Dots Per Inch," which controls the cursor speed.

Is it possible to make a regular mouse silent?

You can do certain things, like using a mouse pad, to make the mouse quieter. You can also consider replacing the mouse feet with more silent material.
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