What is a Product Review?

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Updated October 28, 2022

What is a product review? You need to use product reviews to eliminate your customers’ concerns about your product. The majority of people make their purchases after looking at the reviews of products. It does not matter if you are a Startup or a popular brand; product reviews are important in your e-commerce business.


  • Product reviews support the need for your product for new customers.
  • You can use affiliate reviews on your e-commerce website.
  • Bloggers’ reviews are personal sentiments that can market your brand effectively.

Learning More about a Product Review?

A product review is what businesses use to provide a clear idea of how customers experience your product with the additional help of a simple rating system. You have to be careful about people writing fake reviews, though. Once a customer looks at your product review, they will know if they will purchase the product or not. 

What if you avoid placing a product review section on your e-commerce site because you fear getting negative reviews? For that reason, you will miss out on cashing in on your users’ experience with your product.

Insider Tip

A product review is what businesses use to provide a clear idea of how customers experience your product with the additional help of a simple rating system.

So, to learn more about product reviews, let us look at some product review examples:

Examples of Product Reviews

Professional Reviews

In the technology space, people depend on expert reviews. Most technology products and services are expensive, so you need to look at reviews to avoid buying the wrong item. You cannot rely on asking friends and family unless they are tech experts. That is why professional reviews are essential. Additionally, you may want to read about what is a peer-reviewed article.

Affiliate Reviews

You can find product reviews on different websites, not just those that are entirely talking about reviews. These niche websites utilize affiliate marketing by using round-up posts with affiliate links. If you have an e-commerce store where you sell products from other manufacturers, you also need to put reviews.

Buyer’s Guides

Buying guides also use round-up reviews but in a different niche. Independently run websites can be unbiased. Since they have a wide array of products, they can collect multiple reviews from various sectors. You can learn more about these with our page on what is a buyer’s guide.

Blogger Reviews

Although affiliate links are popular among bloggers, their reviews are more personal and in-depth than professional or affiliate reviews. The manufacturer might have given the blogger the product as a gift, which is popular and works for both parties.

Note: All the above are types of User Generated Content that can be viewed on social media accounts and other marketing channels like the website.


What is the importance of customer reviews?

As a business, customer reviews will give you something called social proof. Once people see others posting positive reviews of your product, they will easily choose your product because of the social affirmation from the masses. This phenomenon can include reviews from your family, friends, industry experts, and even strangers.

Does the law protect reviews?

There are a variety of reviews that the law protects. For instance, uploaded photos, online reviews, videos, social media posts, etc. Apart from product reviews, the law also covers consumer evaluations of a company’s customer service.

How should one handle incoming reviews?

You can quickly build loyalty and trust in your brand through reviews. In addition, once you act on your product reviews, people reading through the reviews will know that you are listening to their concerns and issues.

STAT: Generally, positive or negative reviews about your product or service can influence more than 93% of the customer’s decisions. (source)

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