What is Onion Over VPN?

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Updated January 5, 2023

The best VPN software can always be improved. An extra security layer never hurts, which is why many people have asked, “What is Onion Over VPN?” It’s a massive improvement over just a Tor browser for the right type of person. While this system might not be for everybody, it serves its user base well. Keep reading to learn more about why Onion Over VPN might be a good match for you.


  • VPNs are great for masking your online activity and general internet traffic. However, you can improve them by using Tor as a complimentary browser.
  • Onion Over simply refers to using the Tor browser alongside using a virtual private network. In terms of security, this is one of the best systems.
  • There are both benefits and downsides to using this system. While it might offer the most secure connection, you’ll find that connection speeds are severely impacted.

Explaining Onion Over VPN

If you’ve been interested in finding the best VPN for the dark web, you’ll love what Onion Over offers. Comparing Tor vs. a VPN is a great place to start so you can begin to understand how Onion Overworks. Of course, there are many applications for VPNs. Learning what a VPN is on an iPhone will allow you to add new layers of security to your devices. Keep reading to discover more about Onion Over, and why you should use it.

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Using Onion Over with a VPN will give you an extra security layer while browsing.

What the Built-In Onion Over Feature Does

So, what is a secure VPN? And does Onion Over add enhanced security to your system? In short, yes. Onion Over simply refers to using both the Tor browser and a VPN simultaneously. Some VPN providers offer this as a built-in service. For example, it’s a NordVPN feature. This is supposed to provide you with maximum security by including an extra layer of encryption.

The Benefits of Using Onion Routing

There are several benefits of using Onion Over, especially if you’re using the NordVPN feature:

  • Additional security for personal data
  • Hiding your real IP address
  • Your internet service provider can’t see you’re using Tor


While it does help mask your internet traffic, Onion Over will cause a slow connection speed.

The Cons of Using Onion Routing

As with anything, there are a few downsides to using a built-in Onion Over feature:

  • Much slower connection speeds
  • Inability to control IP address location

STAT: In 2021, financial information was the target of 52 percent of significant cyber security incidents attacking healthcare organizations in the U.S. (source)

What is Onion Over VPN FAQs

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network. This is software designed to hide your actual IP address, alongside a few other benefits. It does this by routing your internet traffic through a VPN server.

Why should I hide my real IP address?

Your real IP address can say a lot about you. This is why VPN providers pride themselves on being able to mask it so that you can browse without worrying about anybody figuring out your actual location.

Will a VPN connection affect my internet connection?

Unfortunately, you can expect slower speeds if you’re using a VPN, especially one with a built-in Onion Over feature. This slow-down shouldn’t be too severe, but it can cause some aggravation.

How does having a VPN connection help me?

A VPN adds an additional layer of protection, even if you’re using a standard browser instead of the Tor browser. It will protect your information and data from prying eyes by hiding your internet traffic.
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