What is a Natural Gas Grill?

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Updated June 27, 2022

If you are new to the world of outdoor cooking, you may wonder “what is a natural gas grill.” The best grills, after all, typically use a few similar fuel sources, and natural gas is one. Charcoal grills are a little harder to use, so you may not know when the charcoal is ready for use, and there are a few things you need for a charcoal grill to work correctly.

That’s why this content is about natural gas instead. So what is a natural gas grill and what are the benefits of using one? Keep reading to find out.


  • Natural gas grills offer increased convenience over propane grills or charcoal grills, so long as you have access to the relevant gas line from a gas company.
  • These grills can be used all year, even in the bitterest conditions during the winter months, unlike propane gas grills.
  • This type of gas is fairly eco-friendly, unlike a liquid propane grill, and does not carry any risk of harm in the chance of a leak.

What are Natural Gas Grills?

These grills use natural gas as a primary fuel source, and not propane, wood, charcoal, or electricity Many of these grills are made in the USA, unlike the Pit Boss Grills. As the name suggests, these grills cannot be used indoors, if you are wondering about the definition of an indoor grill. There are many different natural gas grills out there to choose from, but you typically need a natural gas line, which is a resource offered by some cities, counties, and municipalities. 

Insider Tip

Natural gas will offer different heat ranges when compared to propane and charcoal, so experiment a bit before you get the hang of it.

Why Use a Natural Gas Grill?

There are several main reasons to go with a natural gas grill.

Year-Long Performance

Natural gas is extremely hearty, much more so than propane. In other words, you’ll be able to use a natural gas grill even in the dead of winter in temperatures well below freezing. The gas will still do its thing and get hot. You’ll still be outside, of course, which offers its own challenging set of issues that go far and beyond choosing from different wood types for your grill. You’ll be freezing your butt off.


If you already have natural gas pumped into your home for other uses, then going with a natural gas grill is a no-brainer, as the fuel source will be there when you need it. You won’t have to head to the hardwood store for fuel tanks, charcoal, or even wood. Plus, filling up your grill tank is relatively inexpensive, with a minor charge showing up on your energy bill. This operates in stark contrast to the cost of replacement propane tanks and the like. Also, natural gas appliances, including grills, still work even if you lose electricity.


Natural gas is fairly eco-friendly, especially when compared to propane, coal, charcoal, and even wood. It exists, as the name implies, naturally.

Safe to Use

Unlike other forms of gas, natural gas does not pose any risk to friends and family. It is lighter than air, so if you develop a leak in your gas line, the excess will simply float up and away from your home.


How to choose the best gas grills?

Choose a grill that meets your needs. If you prefer portable grills, go with a smaller unit, for instance.

How long do these grills last?

These grills last a long time, a decade or more, so you’ll have years of natural gas grilling to come.

How to convert your gas grill to natural gas?

This depends on the specific design of your current grill, though there are plenty of conversion kits on the market for outdoor grills.

STAT: Natural gas sources, while still a fossil fuel, have far less of a negative environmental impact than their charcoal counterparts. (source)

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