What is a Mousepad?

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Updated November 18, 2022

Finding the best computer mouse means nothing if you don’t have a great mouse pad to go with it. This might have you wondering, “Well, what is a mouse pad?” Luckily, that’s exactly what we’re going over today. These fantastic tools help you use your computer mouse more efficiently, so keep reading to find out more about them.


  • A mouse pad is simply a pad that goes underneath your mouse. These pads are almost always used, except in special circumstances where you might not have one.
  • The biggest reason to use a mouse pad is that it allows precise cursor movement. This means you don’t have to fight with your mouse to make simple, quick movements.
  • There are countless types of mouse pads on the market. You can get special mouse pads, like ones meant for gaming, or even those that cover your entire desk surface.

Explaining Mouse Pads

Mouse pads are simply textured surfaces you put beneath your mouse so that you can get precise cursor movement. They are generally necessary to successfully use a computer since mice aren’t meant to be used on most other surfaces. When it comes to mice, there are other things you should know, like how to hold a computer mouse properly or what DPI is.

Insider Tip

Ergonomic mouse pads can lessen the overall strain on your wrist.

Why a Mouse Pad is Necessary

There are several reasons why using a mousepad is necessary. The biggest is that it allows for a smoother mouse experience. Using one means being able to achieve precise cursor movement. If you’re ever wondering, “Why is my mouse moving on its own?” it could be an issue with the mouse pad itself. If that’s the case, you might want to try a different type. We’ll go over other types of mousepads in the section below.

Types of Mousepads

You’ll find that there are countless options available on the market when it comes to mouse pads. Here are some examples of types you might see:

  • Gaming mousepads
  • Cloth mouse pad
  • Modern mousepads
  • Custom design options


Not using a mouse pad results in losing out on smoother mouse control, so choose one that you like.

You can try out different types until you find the right style. Each style is a bit different, and you probably won’t like some, but a little trial and error goes a long way. If you’re looking for a new mouse, try reading our Razer Vespula Mass Effect edition review.

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What is a Mousepad FAQs

How do I keep my mouse pad clean?

Having a clean mouse pad can help extend the longevity of your mouse and keep things moving smoothly. Simply use mild detergent and water to clean the textured surface of the pad.

How efficient is wireless charging?

Wireless charging is becoming wildly popular due to a few reasons. However, you’ll find that it isn’t quite as effective as plugging something in to charge. It’ll take a little bit longer.

What is an optical mouse?

An optical mouse is simply one that uses a light source to track your movements as you use your mouse. These are a prevalent type, a more modern option than trackball mice.

Should I get a gaming mouse pad?

A gaming mouse pad can be a fantastic option even for the average user. They usually have a few extra features, like a non-slip back that keeps them from moving around.
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