What Is an Infinite Scroll Mouse?

Updated: Oct 20, 2023 10:28 AM
what is infinite scroll mouse

As the best computer mice continue evolving and taking on new features, it’s imperative to keep up with how these features can improve your life. Especially when searching for a top gaming mouse, certain elements can enhance your experience and make you more competitive. One of these features is known as infinite scrolling. Below, we’ll explain what an infinite scroll mouse is and how it can help gamers achieve better results.


  • The infinite scroll function removes friction from the scroll wheel, allowing vertical navigation of a page or application with incredible speed and less finger movement.
  • An infinite scroll mouse is excellent for those who need to navigate many large, long documents or competitive gamers trying to increase playing speed.
  • There are only a handful of infinite scroll mice, and the features tend to only come with premium models.

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Insider Tip

Most infinite mouse models have a button that switches the mouse from regular and infinite scroll mode.

What Is an Infinite Scroll Mouse?

There are hundreds of mouse models, but very few models come with the infinite scroll wheel. So what is this feature, and how can it help gamers?

Almost all mice come with a scroll wheel, allowing users to move the screen vertically down or up. However, most give off a slight resistance and clicking noise each time the user scrolls. The infinite scroll wheel removes the resistance, allowing users to move the screen freely without any physical pushback.

The result is a frictionless scroll wheel that moves much faster, and depending on the type of program, the scroll function is limitless.

However, infinite scroll only comes with limited mouse options because there are only certain types of user experiences with which it’s useful.

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When Is an Infinite Mouse Wheel Useful?

Getting obvious out of the way, infinite scroll is handy for those whose day consists of heavy scrolling. So for those who go through long documents, spreadsheets, news feeds, or browser pages, infinite scrolling can save time and be more comfortable.


The infinite scroll feature is typically incorporated in premium mouse models, meaning you’ll have to pay extra.

Likewise, infinite scroll can also be good for gaming. For example, there are many shooter games where users can benefit from an infinite scroll wheel for selecting weapons, aiming, reloading, or bunny hopping.

STAT: The ability for webpages to have an infinite scroll function was introduced in 2006 by developer Aza Raskin. (source)

If you’ve finished this article and want to look into specific mouse models, Logitech makes plenty of amazing infinite scroll models. To get started, browse through our guide on the best Logitech mice.

What Is an Infinite Scroll Mouse FAQs

Is there a difference between infinite scroll and hyper scroll?

These terms are interchangeable, and both indicate the same feature. If you see infinite scroll or hyper scroll advertised on the packaging, you can assume it’s displaying the same thing.

How can I turn on the auto-scroll feature?

When downloading the device driver, enter the mouse settings through the control panel and select the auto-scroll function. This will automatically turn on hyper scroll when the mouse detects web pages with long documents.

What brands make infinite scroll mice?

Brands like Logitech, Razer, and Corsair create a handful of models that incorporate the infinite scroll wheel.

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