What is a Gaming Mouse?

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Updated November 18, 2022

All gamers want the best computer mouse possible while not playing controller-based games. If you play computer games yourself, you might be wondering, “What is a gaming mouse? And is the best gaming mouse right for me?” Today we’ll explain what they are, how they help, and both their advantages and disadvantages. Keep reading to find out more.


  • A gaming mouse is a type of mouse made specifically for gaming. They often have great polling rates, better optical switches, and additional gaming-ready features.
  • The biggest pro to having a gaming mouse is that you can play video games more easily. Because of their extra features, gamers tend to love them.
  • Unfortunately, there are some cons to gaming mice. Wireless models are expensive and have issues with maintaining a decent battery life.

Explaining Gaming Mice

Let’s define just what a mouse is. A mouse is simply an input computer device that allows you to move your cursor around. Gaming mice are specifically made for playing games. This mouse style makes it easier for you to play offline and online games. They come with special features, such as programmable buttons and adjustable sensitivity. To learn more about the different styles of these mice, read up on what an MMO mouse is.

Insider Tip

Wireless gaming mice are often easier to use than their wired counterparts.

Pros of Gaming Mice

You’ll find that there is a wide range of pros when it comes to using gaming models:

  • They have extra features for gamers
  • There are often extra buttons
  • Some have adjustable weights

You’ll have to learn some things, like how to program mouse buttons. However, this isn’t terribly difficult; most people can learn how to use their gaming mice just fine.

Cons of Gaming Mice

Unfortunately, as with all things, gaming mice do come with their downsides:

  • They are pretty expensive mice
  • They often have issues with battery life

If you decide against gaming mice, there are cheaper mice out there that offer great features.


Keep your gaming mouse charged; most wireless options will not offer many hours of battery life.

STAT: Between May and December 2020, U.S. teens aged 15 to 19 years spent an average of 112.8 daily minutes playing games and using computers for leisure, up from 73.8 minutes per day in the corresponding period of 2019. (source)

What is a Gaming Mouse FAQs

Are wireless gaming mice a better option than wired mice?

Many modern gaming mice are wireless mice. This is because most people prefer a wireless connection because of the freedom of movement it offers. In general, they are a better option.

Why do wireless models often have issues with battery life?

If you’re looking for hours of battery life, gaming mice probably won’t fit the bill. Because of their polling rates and additional gaming-ready features, they often don’t offer decent battery life.

What should I look for in wireless gaming mice?

There are a few features you should keep in mind while shopping for wireless gaming mice:
  • Invest in a wireless model
  • Look for the lightest mouse possible
  • Get one with a battery life meter

Should I opt for an ergonomic design?

Ergonomic mice can be a great option if you deal with chronic wrist pain. If you don’t want an ergonomic design, look for the lightest mouse possible to decrease wrist strain.
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