What is an FPS Mouse

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Updated January 6, 2023

Finding the best computer mouse is no small journey, especially for those looking to enhance their computer experience. Gamers especially have a hard time, as they often have to understand many different specs to know they’re getting the best gaming mouse for their unique purpose. In many cases, speed is a top priority. This need is why specific mice are designed with quickness in mind. So, if you’ve got the need for speed, keep reading as we explain the question: What is an FPS mouse, and how can it launch your gaming to the next level?


  • An FPS mouse prioritizes speed and sensor accuracy, producing some of the most fast-paced controls on the market.
  • Competitive gamers looking for a great lightweight mouse are the greatest beneficiaries of the FPS design.
  • FPS mice are hard to get used to because of their increased speed. They also lack many features, like onboard memory, to cut weight.

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Insider Tip

Turn off the mouse acceleration setting after setting up your gaming mouse. Mouse acceleration is handy for basic computer usage but unsuitable for those who prioritize accuracy.

What Is an FPS Gaming Mouse

An FPS mouse is a device that sacrifices its bells and whistles for speed. Certain games, like first-person shooters, give advantages to those who can aim and react faster.

The best FPS mice have incredibly accurate sensors and do away with features that parts that make other gaming mice weigh more. As a result, FPS devices are some of the sleekest, lightest mice, perfect for control in fast-paced scenarios.

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Who Needs an FPS Mouse

There are many cases where an FPS mouse isn’t necessary. The speed might even hinder games that don’t require fast-paced reactions. However, those interested in more ergonomic mice might also be interested in purchasing an FPS device. Lightweight mice are often considered more ergonomic because they put less strain on the hand and wrist.

Likewise, left-handed people looking for a great gaming mouse might also be interested in an FPS. This is because FPS mice often shed weight by sticking to symmetrical, ambidextrous designs.


Optical sensors are not as sensitive as laser sensors. Always check what type of sensor your mouse has before purchasing a device.

Drawbacks to an FPS Mouse

Because an FPS mouse is lighter and more sensitive, it can cause issues for those who aren’t used to a weighted mouse. Likewise, FPS mice have limited features and don’t include things like onboard memory or extra buttons.

STAT: The most sensitive mice have DPI settings that reach up to 20,000. (source)

What Is an FPS Mouse FAQs

What's better for gaming, a wireless or wired mouse?

Wireless gaming mouses are more popular among gamers because it increases the range of motion. However, wired mice have slightly faster connection speeds.

What brands make the best FPS mice?

Top gaming mice, like Logitech (Logitech G Pro Wireless) and Razer (Razer Viper), both produce excellent FPS mouse models.

How long does a wireless mouse's battery last?

With moderate to high use, a wireless mouse's battery life will last between 6-12 months.
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