What is a Drone?

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Updated July 21, 2022

Even if you have the best drones at your disposal, it means nothing when you don’t understand what they are. There’s more to these aerospace science and technology miracles than you might think. If you’ve been wondering, “What is a drone?” then keep reading. We’ll clear up all your confusion below.


  • A drone is an aerial robot controlled by a pilot on the ground. They come in different types and sizes and have several real-world applications.
  • Many advanced technologies go into creating drones, especially those used by the military, such as combat drones.
  • A commercial drone pilot must obtain a drone pilot license if they want to use commercial drones, but regular remote pilots only have to worry about registering their drones.

Explaining Unmanned Aircraft

Essentially, the term drone just means a robot directed through remote control or electronic speed controllers by an operator on the ground. They are referred to as unmanned aircraft.

Those looking to purchase their first model should check out our article on the best foldable drones available. For more information on drones themselves, learning what a drone sounds like will give you some more interesting information about them.

Insider Tip

When it comes to drones, collision avoidance sensors are one of the best features to have.

Drone Applications

There are multiple ways for drones to be used in practical settings, such as:

  • Drone delivery
  • Military drones
  • Surveillance Drone
  • Educational drones

In order to understand the application of drones in the real world, you’ll want to know more. For example, understanding what drones are powered by will help you figure out the driving force behind them.

We’re sure there are still questions left over, like “What do police drones look like at night?” More research into drones will uncover the answers you seek.

Personal Drones

Personal drones do not require a license to operate. Instead, you only need to register your model if it is above 0.55 pounds. They are safe to use for non-commercial purposes and personal enjoyment. For example, target practice or scenic drone flights using a video feed.

If you’re in the market for a drone, try looking into the best fixed-wing drones to see if that style would be a good fit. You could also look into the comparison between a brushed vs a brushless motor drone.

Commercial Drones

Commercial drones are used for commercial applications, such as aerial photographers taking aerial shots. They could also be used for military applications, depending on the model.


Keep the effects of weather on your remote controller in mind when planning your flight path and whether you might be putting your drone in danger.

In the United States, you must register these drones and obtain a drone pilot license to operate them. Ensure that you follow drone rules and regulations, or you could face fines and even imprisonment.

STAT: As of 2022, the number of drones in the U.S. for recreational flying has reached around 853.8 thousand units. (source)

What Is a Drone FAQs

What are multi-rotor drones?

Multi-rotor drones are capable of hovering, ascending, and descending. This is because they have more than one rotor with fixed-pitch spinning blades, which work independently.

What types of consumer drones are available on the drone market?

Thanks to the incredible developments in aerospace science and technology, we have a whole range of different options. Here are a few types:

  • Rotary blade
  • Fixed-wing
  • Single motor
  • Multi-rotor

Do you need a drone license for drone usage?

A drone license is only necessary for those who seek commercial work. For example, if you’re looking to use your cinema drone to help with movie sets, you would need a drone pilot license.

How do you prepare for your drone pilot license?

The drone pilot license is not a particularly hard test to pass, but it’s recommended that you study before the exam. Take plenty of online tests and try to study with seasoned professionals if possible.
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