What is a Drag-Clicking Mouse?

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Updated November 15, 2022

If you are new to gaming accessories, you may wonder what a drag-clicking mouse is. Even the best computer mouse could benefit from additional features to suit different types of users. So what exactly is a drag-clicking mouse, and what makes this type of design a candidate for the best gaming mouse? Keep reading to find out.


  • Drag clicking is not a type of mouse but rather a technique used by some specific mouse users.
  • Using a mouse for drag-clicking involves using the vibrations of your fingers to rapidly click the mouse in quick succession.
  • This technique is primarily used by competitive gamers but has found some traction in the professional world thanks to programmable buttons, customizable buttons, and unique mouse switches.

What are Drag-Clicking Mice?

Drag-clicking is a technique and not an actual design choice if you are just learning the definition of a scroll wheel. This technique is sometimes called Fazer tapping if you are just learning how to hold a computer mouse. The process has users energetically dragging their fingers across the mouse button to drag and click, as the name suggests. This method does not damage a mouse long-term if you wonder how long a computer mouse lasts.

Insider Tip

Before purchasing a mouse for this technique, make sure it can perform drag-clicking by reading online forums.

It does, however, increase the number of clicks, which has plenty of real-world and gaming applications, though it may lead many to wonder how to tell if a computer mouse is dying.

Benefits of Drag-Clicking With a Mouse

There are many benefits to engaging in the technique of drag-clicking when using a standard mouse, an ergonomic mouse, or even a trackpad with a click button.

Gaming Advantages

People practice this technique primarily to get a leg up in some gaming applications. Any game where a quick click is required for success is benefitted by incorporating drag-clicking with the mouse. This method allows you to click multiple times in succession faster than with a regular mouse. As you can imagine, this is great news for avid players of first-person shooters or any game type, where quickly clicking on a mouse is a key to victory. FPS games are only the tip of the iceberg here.

Professional Applications

If you are doing anything on a computer that requires quick clicks in succession, consider learning and adopting the drag-click method. This comes in handy when creating lengthy spreadsheets, composing word documents, and even moving around items on your desktop. In other words, drag-clicking is not just for gaming, though that is where the technique started. Nowadays, however, the technique is found in offices worldwide.

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Drag-Clicking FAQs

What are the best mice for drag-clicking?

This depends on what you are looking for. Some users prioritize programmable buttons, while others look for a beefy mouse wheel in addition to programmable buttons. There are many mice for drag-clicking available for purchase.

Can all mice drag-click?

Not all mice can perform this technique, but most can via programmable buttons. Before purchasing a lightweight mouse for this task, make sure the lightweight design does not prevent it from drag-clicking via its mechanical switches.

Is drag-clicking bad for your hand?

Performing this technique via your mouse surface is not bad for hand in small doses but can be with long-term use. In other words, exercise caution when using a mouse for drag-clicking and consider relying, instead, on programmable buttons or fixed mouse buttons.
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