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What is a Cold Brew Coffee Maker

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Updated August 29, 2022

If you’re shopping for a premier coffee maker, then you’ve probably considered a cold brew coffee maker. While the cold brew is a coffee shop staple, you can make the drink at home with a cold brew coffee maker. Most models do not require a power source, and the brewing process is relatively simple.


  • A cold brew coffee maker uses immersion brewing to produce a potent coffee concentrate.
  • When serving cold brew coffee concentrate, use a 1:2 concentrate to water ratio for the best flavor.
  • Consider straining your finished concentrate to remove any coffee grounds that slipped by the filter.

In addition, cold brewing creates a coffee concentrate with robust flavors that you can add to various recipes. Lastly, you can also add your cold coffee to hot water if you want a warm drink. If you’d like to understand what a cold brew coffee maker is, keep reading.

What is Cold Brew?

While hot coffee is the traditional choice, iced coffee has become more mainstream amongst coffee lovers everywhere. Luckily, most cold brew makers are simple to use if you get your water-to-coffee ratio correct and stay patient during the extended brew time. In addition, with a cold brew coffee maker, you get the smooth and rich, full-bodied flavor of immersion brewing with the health benefits of using a filter.

Insider Tip

For the smoothest cold brew, you should strain your finished mixture before storing it in the refrigerator.

The cold brew maker itself doesn’t have many moving parts. The central element is a glass carafe, or brewing container, that holds your cold brew concentrate when it’s finished. In the center, you’ll find the metal mesh filter. Some models have a built-in filter, while others use a proprietary paper filter. That said, we recommend a model with a steel mesh filter for reliability and waste reduction.

These coffee makers are also easy to clean. That said, you need to know what descaling a coffee maker is if you also use a standard compact coffee maker. But, if you use an espresso machine, you might be interested in the aroma setting on that device.

How to Use a Cold Brew Maker

Start your cold brew process by filling your glass pot or container with cold water. Next, use a burr grinder to make coarse-ground coffee and add them to your steel mesh filter. Use a coffee-to-water ratio of 1:8.

Screw your filter in place and attach it to the lid. Some models do not have a removable filter, and you place a rubber stopper to seal the coffee grounds filter. Lastly, screw on your top and submerge the coffee grounds in low-temperature water. Leave the mixture to sit in your cold brewer for 12-24 hours, and your concentrated coffee is finished.

If you want a cold brew electric coffee maker, consider investigating what an auto-fill machine is.


Do not use a dark roast coffee for cold brew. The immersion brewing method will give your coffee a very bitter taste.


Can I make cold brew at home without a cold brew coffee maker?

Yes, you can make cold brew coffee with a french press or by leaving coarse coffee grounds in a few ounces of water. That said, your brew will likely have an acidic flavor and a gritty texture.

Is there a difference between cold brew and drip coffee?

While the cup of coffee from your compact drip brewer isn’t bad, it will not be as strong as cold brew coffee. Due to the immersion brewing process, a cold brew coffee machine makes a coffee concentrate that is typically tempered with water or milk. These are just a couple of the many types of coffee machines available.

Iced coffee vs. cold brew: what’s the difference?

Iced coffee is a type of drink, while cold brew is a type of coffee concentrate. That said, most iced coffees served at the coffee shop use cold brew concentrate, not cold coffee.

STAT: A recent survey from Gallup found that 4% more women drink coffee than men. (source)

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