What is an Immersion Blender?

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Updated October 11, 2022

Consumer preference has shifted to portable kitchen appliances on account of a fast-moving lifestyle, including immersion blenders. “What is an immersion blender?” You may ask. Immersion blenders provide additional functions to a standard blender, though they may not do everything the traditional counterpart might do. They are excellent for mixing liquid, dry ingredients, and frozen ingredients. There are lots of high-quality blenders to choose from, so you can easily find one that is suitable for you.


  • Immersion blenders offer many of the same features as standard blenders, as well as a few others.
  • Immersion blenders may be used to cook larger or smaller amounts of food than what can be made in a countertop blender.
  • Unlike traditional blenders, immersion blenders may be used to blend or mix hot ingredients.

What Is an Immersion Blender?

So you know what a blender is used for, but what about an immersion blender? A handheld immersion blender represents a different type of blender than a standing blender, providing other choices for blending and preparing different mixtures. They are called immersion blenders because when you use an immersion blender, you push the tip of the blender into the ingredients to be blended. Some people refer to these kitchen tools as stick blenders, hand blenders, or wand blenders. Unlike a traditional blender or food processor, these devices do not have a blender jar, allowing the user to mix ingredients in a bowl, cup, pan, or another dish. You can learn more about this type of blender with our article on how to use an immersion blender. Also, unlike portable blenders, they can blend large quantities of ingredients and are more powerful.

Difference Between Traditional and Immersion Blenders

The rotating metal blades rest at the end of the blender, surrounded on most sides by plastic or metal. This design is different from traditional blenders because countertop blender blades affix within the blending jar. Additionally, when blending using a standard blender, you push a button to blend at different speeds. To use an immersion blender, the user holds down a switch or power button for the entirety of the time that the mixing occurs.

The housing holds an electric motor with rotary blades at the end to immerse in cold or hot food. The blades are rotated by the motor, which is connected to a power source in the form of a wall socket (the corded version) or batteries (the cordless version.) These blades do not have to be positioned in the exact middle of the ingredients and can be moved around.

What Can an Immersion Blender Do?

There are many different uses for immersion blenders. First, of course, immersion blenders may be able to do a lot that a full-size blender can. For example, consumers can use them to make smoothies, alcoholic drinks, and puree food. Chefs use these while combining ingredients into hot soup or sauces. However, if you mix hot liquids and solid items in a standard blender, the blending jar may not withstand the heat. Before you purchase a blender, ensure you know what to look for in a blender so you are not disappointed with your purchase.

Additionally, professional chefs may find immersion blenders to blend a large volume of ingredients, which may not fit within the blender jar. Further, the device may pulverize a small number of components, such as nuts. As a result, consumers may mix small amounts of salad dressing for one or two people. Additionally, they may want to make pancake batter, a pot of soup, a smoothie, or baby food using these kitchen gadgets. So, if you have ever wondered what blender makes hot soup, be sure to check out an immersion blender to see if it will fit your needs.

Immersion Blender Attachments

  • Whisk attachments are perfect for mixing ingredients to create items that require a whisk to make.
  • Chopper attachments may chop ingredients, something that it cannot do on its own.
  • Milk frother attachments enable users to create their favorite frothy drink using the immersion blender.


What’s the difference between an immersion blender and a regular blender?

Consumers use handheld immersion blenders by pushing the edge of the blender into the ingredients. Standard blenders blend items already in the blender jar.

What are immersion blenders used for?

Immersion blenders may mix, blend, and puree ingredients on their own. In addition, attachments may expand the possible functions of the immersion blender.

Can an immersion blender replace a blender?

An immersion blender may replace a blender in many functions, but some functions may not be possible.

STAT: Consumer preference has been shifted to portable kitchen appliances on account of a fast-moving lifestyle. (source)

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