What Is A Singing Bowl?

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Updated June 27, 2022

You have probably seen singing bowls before. They have been used by Tibetan monks for ages, but more recently in modern times, people are using them to relax, meditate and heal. But what is a singing bowl? I have the answers. The best singing bowls are as fascinating as they are beautiful to listen to.

What Is A Singing Bowl?

There is an age-old belief that music and sound frequencies can have a healing effect on the body. Through the ages, mankind has used certain musical instruments to promote both healing and meditation and one of the oldest forms of this type of healing is the singing bowl.

Like a Tibetan bell, when a Himalayan singing bowl is struck or rubbed by a mallet, these singing bowls produce sound through vibration. They come in various sizes. The smaller bowls deliver more delicate sounds, while the larger meditation bowls have deeper and more powerful sounds. To “play” the bowl, you can strike the rim with a mallet, firmly run the mallet across the rim or strike or rub the side.

Singing Bowl Benefits

You can find singing healing bowls in places like monasteries, sound massage establishments, music therapists, yoga therapy centers and more today. These days, it is commonly used for healing and meditation, and sound healers use them for treating illnesses as a form of sound therapy. The idea is that the sounds are energy that repairs the un-harmonious frequencies at work in your body. By putting your body and cells back in harmony, you get healthier.

Dis-ease is when your body is not at ease after all. Hence the name. What is a singing bowl? To some it means better health.

Singing Bowls Just Work

While there’s very little scientific evidence to back this up, we do know that singing bowls sound amazingly beautiful and definitely helps one to relax and enter a deeper meditation. This obviously relieves stress, which will loosen your tensions, which in turn helps to lower inflammation in the body, allowing you to feel better. Which in itself helps your immune system and other functions.

So the soothing sounds do accomplish some good things even if the science has to catch up.

These Bowls Have Been Around For Ages

Modern singing bowls are made of bell metal, bronze or copper. Some are crystal singing bowls. Legend has it that traditionally they were made from 7 types of metals in the past, with each metal representing a heavenly body. Like gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, tin and lead. Singing bowl history is very fascinating.

Traditional Tibetan singing bowls are a very relaxing way to make music or delve deeper into meditation. They have a long history and are more popular today than ever as people use them for stress reduction and sound healing.
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