What is a Mirrorless Digital Camera?

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Updated July 26, 2022

If you’ve been wondering, “What is a mirrorless digital camera?” then this article is perfect for you. They offer a slew of benefits, from their electronic viewfinder to their electronic shutter. No matter the style of photography, mirrorless cameras are an excellent option for most people.


  • A mirrorless digital camera, such as the Sony Alpha A9 or Sony FE, are modern cameras that use mirrorless lenses to provide high-quality images.
  • The benefits of these models include better body stabilization, smaller product dimensions, higher quality imaging sensors, and a smaller screen size.
  • Unlike DSLRs, the mirrorless digital camera lacks the same lens mount. Because of this, you’re unable to perform in the same way an interchangeable lens camera can.

The best digital camera will offer an LCD screen, a mechanical shutter, and a suitable image sensor format. Above all, the model you choose should fit your lifestyle.

Keep reading to find out if a mirrorless digital camera is right for you. You can find all the answers in product info, including the product description and the simple average of the breakdown by star rating.

What is a Mirrorless Digital Camera?

The mirrorless market has taken the world by storm. Their ability to maintain continuous shooting in real-time while maintaining peak body image stabilization is a special offer only found in these cameras. A great example of this is the Sony Alpha, which is Sony’s line of mirrorless cameras.

They also use an APS-C sensor, allowing these compact cameras to maintain body stabilization while offering great body controls. Here are a few options for this type of camera:

  • Fujifilm X-T4
  • Sony FE
  • Sony Alpha A9

If you’re looking for a real-time example of unique camera types, read our article “What is a non-digital camera?” While the quality level of digital options is unmatched, film is still very much in use.

Insider Tip

An entry-level camera might not have the best image sensor size or video features. Still, it should at least provide optical zoom and proper white balance settings.

Why Mirrorless Cameras are Different

There are a few features that set your mirrorless digital camera apart. Their electronic viewfinder is a big difference since DSLRs use an optical viewfinder.

Mirrorless cameras also offer a fantastic video mode not found in other types of cameras. These features can make it a great digital camera for vacation.

Another great option is a full-frame mirrorless camera. However, suppose they don’t float your boat. In that case, you could always read our article, “What is a medium-format digital camera,” for even more options.

Alternatively, you could learn more about the different aspects of digital cameras, including the megapixels on a digital camera, what is the autofocus, point-and-shoot digital cameras, translucent mirrors on a digital camera, and digital SLR cameras. These guides will help expand your knowledge of digital cameras and more.

The Benefits of the Mirrorless Digital Camera

There’s a reason why everybody has their eye on a digital mirrorless camera:

  • They offer a far more compact size
  • You receive better video quality from them
  • Their autofocus speed is unparalleled
  • An electronic viewfinder makes capturing images easy

The Drawbacks of the Mirrorless Digital Camer

As with anything, there are a few cons to keep in mind before investing in a mirrorless digital camera:

  • You don’t have as many interchangeable lenses to choose from
  • They offer a shorter battery life than a DSLR item model


Lithium-ion batteries are highly popularized, but you should always take care of them properly to avoid potential battery acid leakage.


How much does a mirrorless digital camera cost?

That depends on the model you’re looking into. On average, you can expect to spend a few hundred dollars even on beginner models.

What is a DSLR camera?

DSLR stands for “Digital Single-Lens Reflex” and has become synonymous with digital cameras. They have been the most popular models on the market for a long time. Here are a few examples of them:

  • Canon EOS line
  • Canon EF-M 15-45mm

How can I avoid taking blurry photos in the future?

There are a few ways you can avoid poor image quality. Make sure you have good body image stabilization and increase shutter speed.

Is a mirrorless digital camera worth the investment?

That depends on what you’re looking to do. The benefits of a mirrorless digital camera include having a compact body, better body stabilization, and overall higher-quality images. If that sounds appealing to you, then a mirrorless digital camera is a great choice.

STAT: DSLRs are continuously losing their share of the market in the camera rental industry, with mirrorless options quickly gaining ground. (source)

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