What is a HoverKart?

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Updated October 17, 2022

The latest hoverboards are more than just a mode of self-balancing transportation. These scooters often include additional features, such as built-in speakers and Bluetooth functionality. To benefit more from these features, it is important to know what steps to take in case your device fails to work as expected. The best part is they come in different colors, and most models can easily be transformed into a hoverkart.

What is a Hoverkart?

A hoverkart, otherwise known as a hoverboard go-kart, is an attachment for a hoverboard that transforms it into a go-kart. These vehicles are perfect for kids, allowing them to sit as they roam around the neighborhood.

Tips on How to Make a Hoverkart

As previously mentioned, a hoverkart is a third-party attachment for pre-existing hoverboards, transforming the devices into go-karts. Here are some tips to help you shop for and install your preferred go-kart attachment kit.

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Many of the lower-priced boards do not offer this functionality, so be sure to read the fine print before you make a hoverboard purchase.

Check Compatibility

The first thing you should do is check your hoverboard to ensure it can integrate with a third-party go-kart attachment kit. **Many of the lower-priced boards do not offer this functionality, so be sure to read the fine print before you make a hoverboard purchase. **

Choose Your Hoverboard Conversion Kit

Once you have ascertained if your hoverboard can be successfully transformed into a go-kart device, it is time to find a hoverkart attachment. There are many reputable manufacturers of third-party go-kart kits, including HoverPowered (makers of the original HoverKart,) HoovyKart, HoverSeat, dBass, Yvolution, MaxFind, in addition to numerous unbranded models. These can be purchased on Amazon and other online retailers.

Follow Installation Instructions

Every hoverboard go-kart kit is different, though they do share some commonalities. To ensure a successful installation procedure, we recommend thoroughly following the instructions in the attachment kit. If you run into any trouble, there are a number of resources available for help, including YouTube tutorials.

Speaking of tutorials, we have a guide to customizing your own hoverboards, especially if you have the hoverboard accessories to do customizations.

Make Adjustments

The external frame of a hoverboard go-kart attachment can typically be adjusted to fit a wide range of body sizes, though some are intended just for children. If you have purchased an all-ages kit, read the instructions and make adjustments accordingly. You, or your children, will be racing around and having hoverboard fun in no time.

Maximum Speed

Hoverboard go-karts can generally go as fast as the hoverboard motors will allow. In other words, if your hoverboard can reach a maximum speed of 8 miles per hour, then the go-kart should be able to reach the same maximum speed. This max speed can depend on external factors, however, such as the rider’s body weight, hoverboard size, and the terrain being crossed.

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There are many reputable manufacturers of third-party go-kart kits.


What is a hoverboard kart attachment?

A hoverboard go-kart attachment is a third-party device that can be affixed to standard-sized hoverboards, transforming it into a go-kart. These attachments vary in size and features.

How fast is a hover kart?

A wheeled hoverboard go-kart can generally reach the same maximum speed as the hoverboard itself. This means that if your hoverboard has a max speed of 7 MPH, the same will be said of leading hoverboard go-karts.

Do hoverboard go-karts require maintenance?

Hoverboard go-karts do include a lithium-ion battery pack, so that will have to remain charged. You also inspect these hoverboard attachments every month to ensure it has not become damaged.

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