What is a Drawer Microwave?

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Updated August 18, 2022

If you are shopping for a new kitchen appliance, you may wonder exactly what is a drawer microwave. Some of the best microwave ovens, after all, tend to feature this design. So what is a drawer microwave and why are they useful? Keep reading to find out.


  • A microwave drawer oven, as the name suggests, is a kitchen appliance that rests inside of a microwave drawer instead of on a countertop.
  • They are similar to range microwaves, also known as built-in microwaves, but free up that range space for hood vents and the like.
  • Drawer microwaves are expensive to both purchase and install, as you will need a purpose-built microwave drawer for them to rest inside.

Types of Microwaves

There are a number of different types of microwaves out there, especially when it comes to placement. Countertop microwaves are designed to be placed on a standard kitchen counter, whereas over-the-range microwaves, otherwise known as range microwaves, are placed inside of a dedicated enclosure above the oven range. Some microwaves even include metal racks for the purpose of reducing sparks as you cook.

Insider Tip

Before purchasing a microwave drawer, ensure your kitchen has adequate space.

What is a Drawer Microwave?

As the name suggests, a drawer microwave is a version of a standard microwave oven that is to be placed inside a kitchen or microwave drawer. This helps to free up cubic feet of counter space for other tasks, such as learning how to Kasher a microwave.

Benefits of a Drawer Microwave

There are a whole lot of benefits of a drawer microwave, though they tend to be costly to purchase and even more expensive to install. You will need a kitchen microwave drawer built to exact specifications if you are wondering if there are any cons of microwave drawer use. If you still end up going through with the installation, here are some of the advantages of using a drawer microwave.

Out of Sight

The primary benefit of a drawer microwave is that it puts the oven out of sight when it is not being used, freeing up precious counter space in the process. All you have to do is slide the drawer open when you want to use the microwave and slide it closed when you are finished. You will have easy access to the control panel for setting power levels when you use a microwave drawer oven.

Allows for Hood Vents

If you are looking to install a hood vent for the purpose of circulating air as you use a conventional oven, you may find that an over-the-range microwave gets in the way. This type of microwave sits directly above the range, after all, and may completely disallow a hood vent. Drawer microwaves offer all of the space-saving benefits of a range microwave while freeing up the actual range for a hood vent, fans, and other useful oven accessories. For information on installing a built-in microwave, check out our helpful guides.


Why do drawer microwaves have no turntables?

It depends on the particular microwave drawer oven, as some feature turntables and some do not. A malfunctioning turntable can impede the movement of the drawer itself, so many manufacturers do not include one. A Sharp microwave drawer, for instance, will likely not feature a turntable.

Microwave drawer vs. built-in microwave: how to decide between them?

If you want to keep your microwave from sightlines, you can choose a built-in model or a drawer model. They both may need professional installation and a trim kit, though built-in microwaves tend to be cheaper.

How long do drawer microwaves last?

Depending on your typical power levels and how design-savvy the original installation was, a microwave drawer oven should last around ten years.

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