Buying the best standing desk can be tricky, but we can help.

You’ve heard of standing desks. They offer many health benefits. That’s why we have compiled 10 of the best standing desks. Have a look at that before reading on

Reading our standing desk reviews might just help you to work more healthy.

Are you considering a standing desk? You’ll need one that fits your lifestyle, computer use, and of course, your height. Here are some of the most important factors to think about when browsing.  Moreover, and once you’re done reading this article, I suggest you have a look at our GadgetReview top ranking standing desks.

1. Adjustability

  • The most important feature for any standing desk is adjustability. You don’t want a desk that is stuck at a particular position. First, that’s not a height that is customized to your own needs, so it won’t feel as comfortable as a desk that you can adjust to a specific level.
  • Second, your standing habits may change as you get used to the desk, and you may want to make adjustments later on.
  • Third, chances are good that you or other people will eventually want to use a chair with the desk, so its ability to shrink back down to traditional height is very important. Desks without adjustability might be cheaper, but they miss out on many benefits.

2. Height Memory and Syncing

Now that we’ve established how important adjustability is, let’s talk about the two kinds of adjustable desks out there: The hand-crank version and the electrical version. Generally, it’s better to pay more and get the electrical version, for two handy features. Most electrical standing desks use a little LED keypad that allows you to save several different height settings, which is perfect when multiple people have to use the desk and have their own preferences. Also, electrical desks automatically sync height from one side to the other accurately, so you don’t get any accidental crooked surfaces.

3. Multi-Level Surfaces

Many stand up desks are completely flat: It’s a dependable, simple design.

But you may want to look for an option that includes multi-level surfaces or accessories. This provides valuable shelf space for a variety of items and is a boon to organization. Higher and lower sections can also prove valuable if you need to port your desktop to a monitor from your laptop, or perform other technical feats while working on your latest project.


4. Cable-Friendly Design

You don’t want your cable to droop off your standing desk and create tripping hazards (or look haphazard). Find a desk that has an option for cable management. A simple hole in the desk for routing cables may be all that you need. Some desks also offer cable trays to run your cables along for more detailed management.

5. Enough Support

This is a minor feature but may be very important based on what you are using your desk for. Most standing desks support anywhere from 200 to 300 pounds or more – certainly enough for the average desktop, speakers, and assorted paraphernalia. However, more professional work may involve multi-monitor scenarios and some seriously heavy equipment like keyboards, amps, large-scale printers, and so on.

Make sure the desk is made to support any extra weight.

6. Accompanying Apps

One of the major benefits of a top stand-up desk (click to view) is how healthy it is. Sitting in a chair all day is associated with many ills. Standing and moving around a little is much better for your body – but how much better?

If you’re going to be burning calories and getting healthier, you should know the specifics. Look for a desk like Up Desk that offers an app that alerts you when to shift to standing position, or gives you information on how many calories you are burning by bouncing to your music.

7. High-Quality Materials

Some standing desks tend to look…a little cheap. The best standing desk products use high-quality materials that offer an inviting or professional look. NextDesk is known for using real bamboo and aluminum, and others may offer similar bamboo or metal options.

Others offer neat metal-and-glass combinations that look great, if you can stand the fingerprints.

8. A Good Mat

This is more of an accessory than a standing desk feature, but remember to purchase a good standing mat for your new desk. It’ll help support healthy standing habits and keep the new aches to a minimum.

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