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What Does the Aroma Setting do on My Coffee Maker?

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Updated August 29, 2022

If you’re shopping for the best coffee maker, you should understand the machine settings to get the most from your investment. A couple of these settings include the 1-4 cup function and the coffee maker warmer. While most people only think about the brew button on coffee makers, accessing a finer setting like the aroma button will provide a more refined pot of coffee. For example, the aroma button can adjust the brewing process and aroma extraction, delivering full-bodied flavor. So, if you’d like to access an advanced brewing cycle and learn what does the aroma setting does on my coffee maker, read on.


  • Aroma settings are found on the touchscreen or control pad of your coffee maker.
  • Most models offer five possible aroma settings from light to extra strength.
  • The brewing process works as usual once you select your aroma level, but your cycle will take double the time.

What Does Aroma Level Setting do on Coffee Machines?

The aroma button is a unique brewing method that enhances coffee flavor and aroma. The hot water function runs in several continuous cycles, repeatedly heating your water reservoir. In addition, the brew cycle extends the coffee’s contact with water, blooming the fresh coffee in the filter basket.

Insider Tip

Make sure you use a type of bean and roasting process you like. The aroma setting on the machine will enhance the existing flavors, but it will not change them.

The slow water flow during brewing makes a pot of coffee take twice as long. Still, your cup of coffee will have more subtle aromatic and flavor notes due to the extended extraction process. That said, investigate what a coffee maker is before you try advanced coffee brewing. Once you’ve finished learning about coffee makers, start comparing some great models, such ask the BLACK+DECKER DLX1050B vs CM1160B coffee makers.

How to Use the Aroma Button on Automatic Coffee Maker

  1. If you want to use the aroma setting, look for a button on the coffee maker or the touch display.
  2. On most models, you can cycle through 1-5 strength settings on the beverage programming menu.
  3. Dial in your desired strength for perfect coffee, and let your automatic coffee maker do the rest.
  4. That said, learn what a drip coffee maker is to ensure you get that coffee shop taste.


Do not make multiple pots of coffee with the same coffee grinds. A subsequent aroma brew cycle on the same grinds will give you bad-tasting shots of brew.


What if my coffeemaker does not brew coffee?

If your brew button isn’t working, you need to ensure your coffee maker is plugged into an electrical outlet or another power source. In addition, try the power button and see if the drip coffee maker is on. Lastly, you should make sure there’s clean water in the water reservoir.

What if my coffeemaker brews longer than it used to?

If your brew time has increased without touching the settings, you need to clean your machine. If you go through the descaling process, your hot water issue should fix itself. Run a descaling product through your device, or you can use heated water and vinegar to improve any blockages. Lastly, if your unit uses a water filter, consider changing it.

What if my coffee tastes weak?

If your coffee tastes weak, make sure your coffee ratio is correct, and that you’re using enough to match your cold water level. In addition, use clean water and regularly clean your coffee maker. Old coffee residues can affect your coffee bean flavor and lead to a bitter or rancid taste. Lastly, always use fresh beans with a coarse grind for the best flavor.

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