What Does F3 Mean on a Microwave?

Updated: Aug 17, 2022 2:26 PM
What Does F3 Mean on a Microwave?

If you’re looking for the best microwave, you probably want to know the possible pitfalls of owning one. Sometimes, certain defects occur on the inside of the microwave oven, and the only signal is an error code on the display. The most common fault code is “-F3-” and you will lose microwave oven controls. If this error code flashes on your control panel display with a beeping sound, you need to know what F3 means on a microwave.


  • The F3 error code represents a hardware failure inside your microwave.
  • If you see the F3 error, your microwave has a serious problem that may cause an electrical fire if not properly treated. Unplug your microwave while seeking repairs.
  • Chances are, your microwave has a short in the membrane keypad or your temperature sensor is offline. Both are serious.

What is F-3 Microwave Error Code?

While your display resets when your microwave finishes its job, it also serves as a display for error codes. The F3 error message indicates a number of malfunctions like a burned-out fuse, a defective oven temperature sensor, or other failed electronic control components. Before reading on, you can try to reset your microwave, but if you’re dealing with an F3 error, that probably won’t work.

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If your keypad doesn’t work, try performing a hard reset to correct any software-level issues.

What Causes the F-3 Function Code to Occur?

If the F3 error graces your display panel, you may have a serious problem. Similar to why a microwave turns off, your underlying issue could range from simple to severe. The most common issue is a short in your membrane keypad wire harness. The other reason for this error is a broken oven sensor. This can also cause problems with sensor cooking, such as food not fully heating thoroughly. Both causes of the F-3 error code will interfere with the oven operation across all microwave models. In addition, you should seek immediate attention from a qualified technician, because your microwave oven control panel could catch on fire.

Can I Fix F-3 Error Code?

To fix the F-3 issue, you’ll need to access the wiring harness under the key panel. This is a severely dangerous microwave oven repair. Contact a service technician if you are not experienced in appliance repairs. Doing this repair will expose you to the high-voltage internals of the microwave, so contacting an appliance repair technician is the safest repair option.


Do not perform an F-3 error repair unless you are an experienced repair person. If not, contact a local appliance repair business or buy a new microwave.


How do I get my GE oven to stop beeping?

If you have a built-in GE oven that won’t stop beeping, hold down the reset button for 10 seconds. If that doesn’t stop the oven beep, you can unplug the oven power cord or reset your circuit breaker. That said, a periodic beeping noise might indicate a more serious issue.

How do you unplug a microwave?

You can unplug your microwave power cord at any time as long as it isn’t running. For range microwave ovens, look inside an adjacent cabinet to find the power supply outlet. Contact a service technician if you notice any signs of electrical damage on or around the electrical outlet.

How do I clear the f9 code?

Hold down the start/stop button for up to ten seconds, and the code should clear. That said, if your microwave door wiggles, you may have loose wires on your oven door switches.

STAT: A US Department of Energy survey found that only 1% use their microwave once a week of Americans with microwaves. (source)

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