What Do I Do if My Built-In Webcam is Not Working?

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Updated August 24, 2022

Even the best webcams can fail. If you’re wondering, “What do I do if my built-in webcam is not working?” you’re in the right place. Today we’ll go over the most common issues plaguing your device and causing it not to work.


  • The first thing you should always do is check the webcam driver software. An outdated driver can cause many problems, as can a faulty driver.
  • The second issue has to do with your privacy settings. If you haven’t set your app permissions, you won’t be able to access your webcam with apps.
  • Finally, you’ll want to consider the fact that there might be a hardware issue at play. If so, you might want to just invest in an external model.

What to Do if Your Built-In Webcam isn’t Working

There are a couple of common reasons why your webcam is not working. However, this article will only be going over built-in cameras, but you can read our article explaining what is an integrated webcam if you’re not sure what that means. You might also be interested in learning what a simulated webcam is.

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Regularly check for updates on your webcam drivers.

Check Driver Software

Once you know what a webcam is, you should have a basic understanding of how they work. If you do, you’ll undoubtedly know that having a bad webcam driver can cause many problems. Because of this, you should check for driver updates first and see if you have a faulty device driver.

Look for a Hardware Issue

Sometimes there can be a physical issue with your webcam device. In this case, it’s typically better to replace the device rather than try fixing it. You can also check to see what you can use as a webcam if you can’t fix your hardware issue and need a webcam in a pinch. For those looking for a new model, try comparing the c920x vs the c920.


Downloading the wrong driver or using outdated versions can cause a lot of issues with your webcam.

Set the Apps Permissions

If your webcam device is only giving you issues with certain apps, it might be an issue with the permissions that it has been granted. You might even need to provide an administrator password to fix this issue, so make sure you know your password.

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What Do I Do if My Built-In Webcam is Not Working FAQs

Are external webcams worth investing in?

Yes, and with good reason. You can have far higher-quality video calls when you purchase a USB webcam. They tend to have better image quality than their integrated counterparts.

What can I do if my driver was installed incorrectly?

If you’re having issues with your webcam after installing driver updates, it might be a matter of reverting to a previous version. You can also try reinstalling the update.

How do I download the correct drivers?

Always visit the webcam manufacturer’s website to find the correct drivers for your webcam. This is the only way to be sure that you’re downloading the correct files.

What is the best video conferencing app?

There are a ton of options out there, but a few that stand out from the crowd are Zoom, GoogleMeet, and Skype.
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