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What Can You Use a Coffee Maker for?

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Updated August 29, 2022

By investing in a premium coffee maker, you can make much more than a cup of coffee. In fact, you can make tea in a coffee maker, as well as ramen and rice, if you didn’t know. In this guide, you’ll learn multiple uses for your coffee machine that don’t even involve the filter basket. While coffee aficionados might scoff, this is a perfect solution for a small apartment or dorm room without a kitchen.

As a result, this is why you’ll want to make sure you descale your coffee machine, so it doesn’t transfer any flavor from food or beverages to whatever you make next. And, you’ll need to ensure you stop the light from flashing after you clean your coffee maker.


  • Before cooking anything, clean your coffee maker’s carafe and hot plate.
  • Fill the water tank for soups, boiled eggs, or oatmeal, and let the hot water cook the food.
  • For anything grilled, line the hot plate with aluminum foil.

That said, you’ll want to make sure your coffee pot and brew basket are clean of coffee residue before making food in them. In addition, sanitize the hot plate because we can make some delicious food right on the coffee pot burner. Keep reading if we’ve piqued your interest about what you can use a coffee maker for other than hot coffee.

How does a Coffee Maker Normally Work?

Your humble coffee maker uses heated water from its water tank to soak coffee grounds in the coffee filter basket. The heating element ensures that your drip coffee maker receives hot water on the edge of boiling. The pot of coffee sits on the heating plate that keeps the coffee warm. These parts of the brewing process will help you make food when you don’t have a full kitchen. Additionally, make sure you disable the coffee maker auto shut off, or you’ll end up with half-done food. For best results, learn what does pause and serve mean on a coffee maker before whipping up a simple recipe.

Insider Tip

Always line your warming plate with foil before cooking anything on it. You do not want to get bits of food stuck on the machine.

Lastly, if your stovetop espresso maker isn’t working, none of these recipes will be possible. Alternatively, for a look at versatile coffee machines, check out this comparison article of the Hamilton Beach 49954 vs 49976.

What Else Can You Make With a Coffee Maker Besides Coffee?

Ramen and Soup

Add a few cups of water to the water reservoir and add your ramen and other vegetables to the coffee carafe. Let the hot water pour into the pot and let the noodles cook in the near-boiling water.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Add water to the water tank and place two fresh eggs in the coffee pot. Start the brewing process and let the eggs sit fully submerged in the water for 5-10 minutes. Then, remove the eggs and place them in cold water.

Melted Chocolate Dip

Place a small glass bowl on your preheated plate and add your favorite chocolate chips. Let the chocolate melt and stir.

Hot Chocolate

Add water to the water tank and let the coffee maker brew with only water. Then add your hot chocolate powder to the pot.

Grilled Cheese

Line the hot plate with foil and add oil. Cut your cheese sandwich in half and place one half at a time on the coffee maker. It will take a while, but the exquisite flavors will be worth it.


Use tools or rubber gloves to remove food from the coffee pot burner or glass carafe. The contents will be hot, even from a regular coffee maker.


Can you put milk in a coffee maker?

Do not put milk in a coffee machine. The brewing process will spoil the milk and ruin the water lines in your device.

What should I look for in a coffee maker?

We recommend looking for convenience features like smart connectivity and programmable brew times. In addition, pick a unit that brews enough coffee at once for your day. Just make sure it has a thermal carafe to keep it warm.

How often do I really need to clean my coffee maker?

You should clean your coffee maker monthly using hot water and white vinegar to keep the lines free from clogs and coffee residue.

STAT: According to a survey from Gallup, 26% of Americans feel that they are addicted to coffee. (source)

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