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What Camera Do Famous Youtubers Use To Vlog?

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If you want a great vlogging camera, there’s no better place to start than what famous YouTuber vloggers already use!

So we took a look at a variety of popular YouTubers (Roman Atwood, MKBHD, Casey Neistat, Zoella, Aspyn Ovard, CutiepieMarzia, Bethandy Mota, and so many more) in a number of different vlogging specialties prefer to use, so we can answer the question “what camera do youtubers use to vlog“.

But we also noted the other common models chosen by YouTubers, and why vloggers preferred these cameras. Take a look at the top picks, and what you need to know about professional vlogging. 

The Top Cameras Famous YouTubers Use

- September 2019

How We Decided

4 main factors come down to picking the top YouTuber Cameras.

Image Quality

4K ​



Canon EOS 70D

Zoella, NigaHiga, Bethany Mota, Many Others

out of 10
  • Many video capture & splicing features
  • Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus
  • Full wireless control and data transfer via app
  • Prices are still high, especially when you start buying lenses
  • No 4k options for this model
  • Memory cards required 

Why We Like It: It’s no surprise that the Canon EOS 70D has remained the most popular YouTuber camera for a couple years now. In fact, Canon is a brand that we consistently find on our best of vlogging lists, which to a large degree answers what cameras famous Youtubers use to vlog. 

 Canon PowerShot G7 X

Joey Graceffa, CutiepieMarzia, PewDiePie

out of 10
  • Very compact & affordable 
  • HDMI output for immediate playback
  • Customizable manual controls
  • A lack of on-camera video features  
  • Setting up video may take a little time
  • NFC tech only works with Android devices

Why We Like It: If the Canon 70D model was just too pricey for you, you’ll be pleased to know that many YouTubers also use this much more affordable PowerShot model. It’s a particularly attractive option for people who like dependable on the comfortable manual controls of the camera – controls which you can customize until you find the perfect fit. 

 Canon XA10 Camcorder


out of 10
  • 64GB of internal storage space
  • Powerful optical image stabilization for smooth video capture
  • Great touchscreen video adjustment controls
  • No photo capabilities 
  • Bulkier than a camera 
  • Slow charging time

Why We Like It: The XA10 is an excellent camcorder, with everything you could want for capturing high-quality video and making any adjustments to focus, aspect ratio, composition, and exposure that you may need. Not to mention the excellent optical image stabilization, built-in room for high-end microphones, plentiful onboard storage space, and lots of other features you might need.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Jennxpenn, Shane Dawson

out of 10
  • Excellent image sensor and capture features 
  • Focus options for video (albeit manual)
  •  Long-lasting batteries 
  • Extremely expensive compared to alternatives  
  • No 4k options for this model
  • More focus on still images than video

Why We Like It: Not only does this camera record stellar video, but it's a greater still photo camera. The steep price may have you wondering why vloggers prefer this camera. 

Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100

Roman Atwood, Faze Rain

out of 10
  • 4k video with direct pixel readout 
  • Hybrid autofocus mode for smooth video 
  • Slow motion video and other useful modes
  • Design is a little obsessed with pop-ups
  •  Certain features only apply to photos 
  • Lack of connectivity options

Why We Like It:  This Sony model gets a lot of points just because of the 4k video, which is a focus for many YouTubers looking to increase the quality of their video. The compact camera also has a nice LED review screen for selfies and similar self-recording, while the hybrid autofocus helps ensure that videos stay smooth. 

Best Home Router

GoPro Hero5

Zoella, Casey Neistat, Louis Cole

out of 10
  • Durable in many different conditions 
  • Versatile mounting
  • 4k video modes 
  • Not as effective in all situations as other cameras  
  • Onboard controls don’t offer much compared to the app
  • Features like voice control don’t add much to usability

Why We Like It:  A lot of YouTubers continue to use GoPros, and this is one of the most popular models with its excellent 4k video, plentiful video options, and the ability to endure pretty much any weather. However, it’s also a niche camera model, for obvious reasons, that is not under 300. 

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YouTube Vlogging Camera Buying Guide

Why do YouTubers prefer these cameras? Let’s talk about a few of the specific features that make these models so attractive top vloggers.


Video Resolution

More frequently, we are seeing vloggers use 4k video, which is supported by YouTube. It’s a great way to stay ahead of the pack, although you can expect the majority of YouTubers to switch to 4k-friendly cameras soon, probably within the next year or so. It’s a massive video quality upgrade, and one of the most important features today.


Image stabilization

If you plan on moving your camera at all when capturing video (a good idea, as static images have trouble keeping people’s interest)), then image stabilization is key. This software will keep the image from shaking or blurring, which is probably the last thing that you want.


Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth:

Connectivity is very important for the vlogging cameras used by top YouTubers. Video clips and images can be quickly transferred to other devices for editing using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Bluetooth is typically used if vloggers have a nearby device, like an iPad, where they can quickly review and publish the video. Wi-Fi is used if it’s easier to store the video in the cloud or send it via app for later, in-depth management.


SD Cards

Cameras may or may not come with their own SD cards, but they should definitely be compatible with these storage devices. A 32GB SD card is fairly affordable, and an important necessity when capturing data-hungry video. In fact, if you can go up to 64 or 128GBs, then it’s a good idea, especially with ultra HD video footage. A single vlog can require lengthy shoots, and it’s good to have physical media to quickly store and transfer that video.

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    “The only thing this one lacks is a microphone port, but that’s because it’s a compact camera. To fix this, vloggers use an external recorder like the one I recommend here.“

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