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Which Blender Can Make Hot Soup?

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Some consumers are on the hunt to find out which blender can make hot soup, as not all of them can handle the heat. Don’t worry. That’s where we come in. Lots of popular blenders can make hot soup. You just need to do a little research to find them, like what to look for in a good blender.


  • A powerful blender with more watts of power often provides the ability to mix hot soup, and you may find some whose power nears that of a commercial blender.
  • Multiple blending speeds may allow you to have pureed soups and fruit smoothies from the same blender.
  • Make sure your blending jar can handle the heat while making hot soups.

Soup-Making Blenders

Some countertop blenders advertise their ability to heat ingredients for soup, like the third best belnder and food processor combo. These blenders heat ingredients while they are blending on the highest setting. Some of these brands state that this can happen in a matter of seconds, while others require more time to undergo the process. If you are attempting to mix ingredients, make sure there is liquid in the blender since this will help the blender reduce the elements. Also, tough ingredients or frozen ingredients may take more time to cut up and heat up. Additionally, before you start using your blender, you need to know what blenders are used for and what they can or cannot do.

Insider Tip

Even if your blender lacks a dedicated mode for soup, you can always heat ingredients up on the stovetop and then transfer them to the blender.

Immersion Blenders for Soup

Immersion blenders allow chefs to mix components inside the pan or other dish where they are being made. This ability stems from the fact that immersion blenders, also known as stick blenders or hand blenders, have the blade assembly attached to the end of the grip. You have to immerse the blade in the mixture and press and hold the button to mix the food. This appliance will only work while you are pressing the button. To learn more about immersion blenders and how to use them, read our article on what is an immersion blender.

If you don’t have the blender immersed enough, the mixture may go flying. To make hot soup using an immersion blender, combine all of your elements in the pan and mix there. If your recipe requires heating first, you can use the immersion blender after heating the ingredients. Once you are done using it, remember to clean your immersion blender to prevent food from getting stuck on it.

Features of a Heatable Blending Jar

Make sure that your blender comes with a heat-safe blending jar. If you are looking at a blender that advertises it can heat food, it most likely has a heat-safe blender jar. However, it never hurts to double-check. Additionally, if you have a plastic jar that is not dishwasher safe and BPA free, you may want to avoid mixing hot ingredients since some plastics melt. Your user’s manual can tell you whether you should avoid hot liquids. Glass jars may be a better option, as you find in our VonShef blender review.

Check for a Pulse Function

You may want to purchase a blender that has a pulse option because this feature allows you to run the blender for a few seconds at a time. Blenders with multiple blending speed settings could help you prepare your ingredients before blending them. For example, some components may need to be chopped, which some blenders can do. While chopping or mixing, you may find lower settings than the highest useful.

Get a Strong Motor

The heating function of some blenders comes from the heat generated by the powerful motor and fast-spinning, sharp blades. When buying a blender, you may want to ensure that your choice of kitchen appliance has a strong enough motor. High-powered blenders often have powerful motors and variable speeds. These two aspects combined often allow for a faster reduction of ingredients in addition to heating. Lots of blenders that can crush ice have powerful motors. These blenders can also be used to make hot soup. Blenders with lower power may take longer to cut up tough ingredients or frozen fruits while also taking more time to heat ingredients.

Look for a Soup Option

Some blenders have a special button for homemade soup preparation. This option can help the blender know that the mixture should be heated while blending. If a blender does not have this button, do not worry too much since this button just helps tell the blender what to do. Some blenders that can heat ingredients do not have this feature.


Use caution when using a blender to make hot soup and be sure to wear a glove or use a kitchen mitt.


Some high-speed blenders can mix hot foods or cold ingredients. While searching for a blender that can do both, you should consider finding a blender with the correct speeds.

Some high-speed blenders can mix hot foods or cold ingredients. While searching for a blender that can do both, you should consider finding a blender with the correct speeds.

Do blender blades need to be replaced?

Blender blades may need to be replaced occasionally, or they may need to be sharpened. As you use the blender, your sharp blades tend to dull.

How does a Vitamix heat soup?

Vitamix blenders heat a soup by friction caused by the blades. As the blades spin, they create friction, which can produce heat. Faster spinning leads to more heat.

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