What Blender Can Crush Ice?

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Updated October 11, 2022

When trying to figure out what blender can crush ice, you should consider the listed capabilities of the blender and the power the blender requires. Many blenders list ice-crushing as one of their features, allowing users to see whether the blender can do so easily. However, many high-quality blenders with higher speeds and power can be used to blend ice as well. You may find that a standard blender, like a countertop blender or personal blender, may work well for blending ice and other ingredients.


  • Most high-powered blenders can crush ice.
  • Brands design certain blenders for crushing ice and various other cooking functions.
  • When crushing ice, it may help to take the ice out a few minutes before blending.

Finding an Ice-crushing Blender

Blenders that crush ice are included in each price range, though the motor may not be as strong on the lower-priced models. However, there are some things that you should consider when you pick a blender for blending ice or frozen drinks, including horsepower, high-quality blades, speed settings, and how easy it is to repair the blender motor if something goes wrong.

A Powerful Motor for a Powerful Blender

So you may be wondering why blenders with powerful motors are usually preferred over others. High-horsepower blenders should be stronger than their lower-power counterparts. Power isn’t everything when it comes to a blender, but strong motors indicate the ability to blend or crush more challenging ingredients like frozen fruit, ice, or nuts. Many blenders with high horsepower also include a large variety of speed settings. This kitchen appliance should have high watts of power in addition to high horsepower. There are some blenders with a 400-watt motor that have been designed for crushing ice, like some portable blenders. Some of these blenders can also make hot soup which is an added bonus.

Sharp Blades for Smooth Blends

High-quality blades also aid users in cutting through harder ingredients, especially frozen ingredients. Blenders designed explicitly for blending ice include sturdy blades with a good blade design. However, if your blender does not have sharp enough blades, crushing ice can hurt your blades by making them duller.

Settings for Crushing

Knowing how to work a blender will help ensure whatever you are blending will be the proper consistency. Many blenders have multiple speed settings. More than half (57%) of full-size blenders have four or more speed settings, and 85% have three or more. Among these variable speed options, your blender may feature an option for crushing food. This option on some blenders indicates that the blender may be ideal for crushing things like ice. However, don’t worry too much about settings since some blenders without multiple settings work well enough for various blends. But if you are curious, you can read our article on how to adjust blender settings.

Blending Tips for Crushing Ice

  • You should add some liquid to the glass jar before adding the ice, such as fruit juice or warm water. The liquid will help the blender break up the foods.
  • Make sure to fill the blending jar about halfway full but not entirely full. Overfilling the plastic or glass food container may make it more difficult for your ingredients to move throughout the blender.
  • Use the pulse option for short periods of time, such as a few seconds to a couple of minutes. The pulse feature allows you to use the blender without selecting a specific speed. As a result, your drink, smoothie, or any cocktail likely doesn’t need to run for very long.
  • If there is no pulse button, use the highest blending speed setting for short periods.


What key features should I consider before buying a blender for ice-crushing?

You should consider the motor’s power, the sharpness of the blades, and the available speed settings.

Can you use a blender for other purposes besides ice-crushing?

Yes, many blenders can be used to chop and blend ingredients for various reasons, including soups and batters.

Can a 400-watt blender crush ice?

Some 400-watt blenders crush ice, but you should test the blender’s strength and the blades’ sharpness with a softer item first.

STAT: More than half (57%) of full-size blenders have four or more speed settings, and 85% have three or more. (source)

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