What Batteries Does a Wireless Mouse Use?

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Updated November 18, 2022

As we lurch ever further into the digital age, all of the most common consumer tech devices are going wireless. However, even the best computer mouse, wireless or wires-a-plenty, needs a power source. So, before buying a trusty controller, many users want to know what batteries does a wireless mouse use and why it matters. Below, we’ll run through the various types.


  • Consumers can choose to power their wireless mouse with either rechargeable or regular batteries.
  • Rechargeable batteries have a charge that lasts a few weeks and reduces total costs over the long haul.
  • Standard batteries last up to six months, depending on usage, but cost more over time.

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Insider Tip

Users can check the battery level of their wireless mouse through the device manager portal on their computer.

What Batteries Do You Use in a Wireless Mouse?

In short, there are multiple approaches to powering wireless mice. But, in general, there are two categories: rechargeable and replaceable batteries. Of course, there’s a case for both kinds, and finding out which is best depends on personal preference.

The great thing about wireless mice is they take both replaceable and rechargeable batteries. So it’s up to the consumer whether they want to pay the additional money up front and buy rechargeable batteries or pay as they go with regular batteries.

Wireless mice take up very little power. On average, regular replaceable batteries should last a few months for those using their mouse a few hours daily. On the other hand, rechargeable batteries have a decent battery life, lasting for about a few weeks, and must be recharged for about 6 hours.

When choosing a battery type, the primary decision is to consider the monetary implications. Rechargeable batteries are more expensive up front, with a pack costing between $10-$20. You also will have to purchase the additional charging station.

Regular batteries, as we all know, are a continual expense. And after a handful of replacements, they end up costing more. But the charge lasts longer. So, if you’re forgetful, it might be better to go with the option that only needs to be replaced every few months.


Simultaneously charging multiple batteries will increase the total charging time to 6 hours.

When it comes down to choosing a device with either AA or AAA, the difference is minute. AA batteries are more powerful and last longer, but most wireless mice typically house a single AA battery or two AAA batteries. So ultimately, the difference is insignificant.

STAT: Turning off the mouse when it’s not in use can increase the battery life range by up to 10%. (source)

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What Batteries Does a Wireless Mouse Use FAQs

Does turning off the mouse save battery life?

Turning the mouse off whenever you aren't using it preserves the battery life and makes it last longer. It also gives the device time to rest, which may increase the mouse's lifespan.

What are the signs that a mouse needs new batteries?

The main sign that a battery is failing is erratic behavior as you try to move the cursor or click. For example, if there's a latency between your hand and onscreen cursor movements. However, another clear sign that you should change your battery is that your mouse stops working.

Is a wireless or wired mouse better for gaming?

Many high-end gaming mice are wireless. Compared to wired mice, a wireless gaming mouse is usually more comfortable, and the user has more freedom of movement.
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