What are the Quietest Keyboard Switches?

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Updated February 19, 2023

If you are new to the world of personal computing, you may wonder what are the quietest keyboard switches. Some of the best keyboards, after all, feature mechanical designs with keyboards that can get quite loud. So which switches are the quietest and what are the benefits of a quiet keyboard? Keep reading to find out.


  • Mechanical switches are known to be on the louder side, but some are actually quieter than membrane or optical keyboards, all while offering tactile feedback.
  • For the quietest keyboard switches, look to Gateron Silent Red, Gateron Silent Black, Cherry MX Brown Silent switch, Matias Quiet linear switches, and Romer G switches.
  • The benefits of using a quiet keyboard are obvious, as doing so will not disturb anyone near your station.

What are the Quietest Mechanical Keyboard Switches?

Of course, membrane and optical keyboards barely make any noise at all, as they do not have switches in the traditional sense. The same cannot be said for mechanical keyboards if you are wondering about the definition of a mechanical keyboard. However, mechanical keyboards offer increased durability, a fantastic tactile feel, and many other benefits.

Insider Tip

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, it is best to try before you buy to ensure you can handle the noise.

So which switches are the quietest with mechanical keyboards and what are the loudest keyboard switches? As for quiet switches, go for Gateron Silent Red and Gateron Silent Black switches. Other fantastic options are Cherry MX Silent switches, Matias Quiet linear switches, and Romer G switches. As for the loudest switches, go for Cherry MX Blue and Cherry MX Black.

Benefits of Quiet Switches

There are some obvious benefits to using a quiet keyboard, some of which are detailed below.

Good Manners

Quiet keyboards are just good manners if you are working in a public space like an office, or just in your home surrounded by friends, family, or roommates. Some people may prefer an audible click when typing, but many do not, so do your associates a favor and come into work brandishing a quiet mechanical keyboard.

Game Streaming

If you are interested in getting into the world of live video game streaming, you should think about quiet mechanical keyboard switches, particularly if you opt for PC gaming. Live-streamers often ply their trade surrounded by sensitive microphones that can pick up a dog down the street, let alone loud keyboard clicks coming from mere inches away. If you are looking to start your Twitch career, quiet keyboards are an absolute must.

Night Use

If you tend to use your computer for gaming, composing emails, or even just chatting with friends during the night, you would benefit from a quiet mechanical keyboard switch or two. Using a quiet keyboard at night allows your partner to rest undisturbed, even during the most intense of gaming sessions. For more great quiet options, check out our guide on the best quiet keyboards.


Why does sound matter?

The sound of key switches can annoy coworkers, so opt for quiet keyboard switches or membrane keyboards. Avoid ultra-tactile switches like the Cherry MX Red.

How to make your silent mechanical keyboards even quieter?

You can always lube up the key switches, though can be time-consuming depending on the design of your keyboard and the overall layout of your office environment.

Why does the keyboard switch create sound?

To create tactile feedback, mechanical switches must make some kind of sound during use, but clicky switches go too far for some consumers. Look to quiet mechanical switches, such as the Cherry MX Brown Silent, to minimize noise with key switches.

STAT: A major producer of mechanical switches is Cherry, which has manufactured the MX family of switches since the 1980s. Cherry’s color-coding system of categorizing switches has been imitated by other switch manufacturers. (source)

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